Zenji Matsuoka 

Type/ mold: Little Rebel Tenten
Type eyes: Multi color glass eyes
Wig: Dark brown fur wig by me
Face-up: by me
Modifications: -  

Personal info:

Species: Human
Name means:Unknown
Name Pronunciation:ZEN-jie
Date of birth:2 Januari
Horoscope: Capricorn
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Family: - 
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Status: in a relationshwip with Warren
Job:  Sound technician


Zenji is a very sweet and kind person. He easy to get along with and he always had a kind smile ready for anybody who needs one. He is not the one who would start a conversation with a stranger, but if someone were to start a conversation he would never turn it down. But he will only have serious and deep conversations with the people he trusts, and trust is something you will have to earn. Zenji is  the kind of person who likes to make people happy and make them smile and he can forget all about his own happiness every now and then. He is a hard worker and loves his job. When not on tour he loves a good adventure and go and see places. He might travel all over the world with the band but he hardly gets to see anything of those countries as he works long hours. And that is exactly why he loves to go places when he is at home. But if you were to ask his friends to explain who Zenji is in just one word they would all say Clumsy. He is the kind of guy that is able to trip over his own toes and cut himself on things that are almost impossible to get cut by. That is why his hands and arms will always be covered in band aids and bandages.