Zenji Kida 

Type/ mold: Little Rebel Tenten
Type eyes: Multi color glass eyes
Wig: Dark brown fur wig by me
Face-up: by me
Modifications: -  

Personal info:

Species: Human
Name means:Unknown
Name Pronunciation:ZEN-jie
Date of birth:2 Januari
Horoscope: Capricorn
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Family: - 
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Status: Single
Job:  Sound and stage technichian


Zenji is a very sweet and kind person. He easy to get along with and he always had a kind smile ready for anybody who needs one. He is not the one who would start a conversation with a stranger, but if someone were to start a conversation he would never turn it down. But he will only have serious and deep conversations with the people he trusts, and trust is something you will have to earn. Zenji is  the kind of person who likes to make people happy and make them smile and he can forget all about his own happiness every now and then. He is a hard worker and loves his job. When not on tour he loves a good adventure and go and see places. He might travel all over the world with the band but he hardly gets to see anything of those countries as he works long hours. And that is exactly why he loves to go places when he is at home. But if you were to ask his friends to explain who Zenji is in just one word they would all say Clumsy. He is the kind of guy that is able to trip over his own toes and cut himself on things that are almost impossible to get cut by. That is why his hands and arms will always be covered in band aids and bandages.

Background story:

Zenji has had a pretty avarage and normal life. He was born into a loving family who supported him with every step he took. His mother was born in England, his father was born in Japan and Zenji was raised bilingual. Though his main language is English.
From an early age on Zenji knew that he was gay, and he never hid the fact that he was. His family and friends never looked down upon him or treated him different of bad because of it. In fact they embraced the fact he was gay. He was an average student in school and did his best. In high school he started to show interest in music, and even more in the technical aspect of it. He joined several clubs in high school where he could learn and practise and enjoy music and at home his parents gave him everything he needed to make music as well. His interest slowly turned into his big love and when he graduated from high school Zenji he knew exactly what he wanted to become. He got his degree is music production and engineering and Stage management. It was in his second year of college he met a
 very cute guy in one of his classes. His name was Mickey and Zenji could not help but fall head over heels for this cutie. Luckily for him the feeling was mutual and it did not long for him to become a couple. He graduated cum laude and was quickly able to find a job with the record company he had his internship with. The first year of working for Zenji consisted of him running around like a mad man, going on small tours with beginning bands. Every week another band. Although he loved his work, it was tiring to be helping another band every week and he dreamed of finding that one band he could  go on tours with for longer times, A group he would click with and stay with. And after that one year of hard work, he was able to find all that with a beginning band named Rebels Ruin. The company he worked for put him together with his colleague Joshua Matthews on their case.  First they had to record an album and after that is was half a year of gigs here and there before the band made it big and was send out on a world tour. From the first moment he met the five guys that made the band, he knew he had met friend for life. He clicked with them instantly and as it turned out, he and Joshua were an awesome team. Zenji would end up back stage during the shows, being in charge of all the roadies that were there to build and break down the stage and be the one to come to the bands rescue if anything were to happen during a show. Joshua would end up being the man behind the buttons and this worked just perfectly for the two men and the band. 
There was only one downside to the success of the band. And that was  the fact that Mickey was not happy with his lover being away from home so many weeks of the year. The man had never complained about him having the off weekly jobs as he was home at night most of the time, but now that things were changing Mickey was speaking up. Mostly Mickey was afraid that Zenji would find another person when away on his journeys, but Zenji knew he would never look into another man's eyes as he loved only one man. This new situation brought friction into the relationship and they fought a lot about Zenji's feature with the band. Zenji was torn between his dream and his dream man. But in the end their love would prove true as Mickey realized that he was not able to keep Zenji away from his dreams.
Happy as could be Zenji went on the world tour with the band thinking he was going to come home after a couple of months to a man that loved him. But when he came home he found another man lying in his bed with his lover. Shocked he stood frozen, looking down at Mickey and some stranger. When he asked what was going on something snapped in Mickey. Zenji was about to find out that Mickey had a dark side to him, a side he had never knew existed after all these years. It was clear that Mickey had been unable to deal with the fact that Zenji had been gone for so long and had found love with another man. As if that was not hard enough on Zenji, Mickey let lose all his anger he had felt towards Zenji for leaving him behind all alone for months on end and started beating in on Zenji, who had been pushed into a corner. The man in his bed did nothing to stop Mickey, in fact, the man only smiled as he watched the scene unfold. At first Zenji did not fight back, as he was paralyzed by this sudden event. But he was snapped out of it when a fist collided with his cheek. After some struggle he was able to push Mickey back and scramble away from his corner and run out of the room and out of the house. That was the last Zenji would ever see of Mickey.
His heart was crushed and his body was hurt badly and he had no place to go. Totally lost he ended up at Joshua's place. Who was shocked to see Zenji all beaten up. But Joshua being the awesome guy he was took Zenji right into his home which he shared with his brother Gabriel. The two men did everything in their power to help Zenji back upon his feet. They  made sure all his belongings were retrieved from the home he shared with Mickey and found him a new place. Made sure the police knew what happened and they attended to all the wounds Mickey had left behind, both physical and emotional. Zenji is and will always be forever grateful for the help and kindness both Joshua and Gabriel showed him. Thanks to them he was able to go back to a normal life in no time. And with the support of the brother and his friends in the band he was able to go back to enjoying life and his job, the one thing he loved most of all.
Though the whole ordeal with Mickey did leave his scars on Zenji. Maybe one day, someone would come by and heal these scars.