How to ship your doll.

When you want to ship your doll or doll head to me for a blushing or face-up you need to make sure your doll is securly packed in a sturdy box. make sure the parts you send can not more around in the box.
You can choose to send your package with insurance, or without.
If you choose to send your doll without insurance, I will not be responsible for any loss or damage your doll will substain on it's travel here.

What to include when you shop your doll?
When you ship your doll of doll head for a face-up, please also send along the wig and eyes of the doll. That way I can make sure the wig and eyes match with the face-up.
Please make sure that when you are aout to ship your doll/dollhead, you include a face-cap for protection of the face-up and lashes.

Shipping back to you.

When you doll is finished I will send your doll back to you in a secure box, in which your parts will not be able to move and is as Damage prove as possible. 
I will only ship items WITH insurance and with a tracking.  The reason why I only ship with insurance  is that I want to make sure you dolls will get to you safe and unharmed and if god forbid something were to happen, I myself but most of all you are insured. I know shipping insured is more expensive, but to be safe I will not ship any other way.

Where do I ship to?

I will ship worldwide.
All costs for shipping are for the buyer.



Shipping Costs

Unfortunately shipping costs vary for every single country here in the netherlands. 
Please contact me if you want more info on how much shipping back to your country would cost. I will be happy to give the price of the shipping. No strings attatched.