Miloh Brannon

Type/ mold: Switch Huisa
Type eyes: Brown glass brandless eyes
Wig: Baby Brown Leekeworld wig, model unknown
Face-up: By me
Modifications: -

Personal info:

Species: Human
Name means: Mercyful
Name Pronounce:  MAY loh
Date of birth: 12 Juli
Horoscope: Cancer
Family: -
Sexual orientation:Bi-sexual
Status: In a realtionship with ??
Job: Works at Skateshop Grind & Photographer


Miloh is a quiet and  He has some serious trust issues and does not easily let new people into his life. He is more likely to shut anybody who comes to close out. But behind all his bravado and though talk hides a scarred little boy who is desperate to be accepted and loved and utterly afraid of being hurt, as getting hurt time and time again was and sometimes still is part of his life.
But if you can win his trust you'll find Miloh is a very sweet, kind utterly cute and loving person. The few friends he has, he holds very dear and he will try anything in his power to make the ones he loves happy. 
He is a huge skateboard lover, and he never goes anywhere without his board. 

Background story:

Miloh has not had an easy childhood. He was born into a loving family. His father and mother loved him dearly and he had little to ask for as a little boy.
But at the age of just 4 his parents were abruptly taken away from him when they were murdered in broad day light in their home. Miloh was witness to the death of his parents and his life was only spared because the his neigbour came running with a gun when he had heard gunshots from inside the house.

After the tragic death of his parents he was taken in by his only remaining grandparent, his grandmother.
But for some reason she always blamed Miloh for the death of her one and only son and thus treated him poorly and neglected him
One night the little 5 year old was wondering around the street in the middle of the night because his grandmother would not let him in the house.
A kind woman brought him to the police, and from there on everything spiraled down. Childservices pulled him out of the custody of his grandmother and he was put in an orphanage.
From there on he spend years going in and out of fosterhomes, never staying long in one place.

As miloh grew into his teens he started to rebel against anything and everything around them. If no-one was going to give him any love or respect, why should he care about giving it to others. The more they kicked him out the more he started to believe he truly did not belong anywhere. That he was a good for nothing waste of life.

The only real escape he had, and the only thing he could do everywhere, even when being moved around all the time was skateboarding. From a very young age, Miloh had taken a great liking towards skateboarding. It was the one thing that could make him smile. That would make him happy. And more often than not you could find him cruising the streets with no destination in mind, or hanging around the skateparks of the city or village he lived in at that point. He did like games and comics as well. but being in the foster system it was hard obtaining and keeping those items. His skateboard was the only thing he always had. 

Having no one in his life to show him love or friendship was hard on Miloh and in his teens this resulted in him becoming depressed. The doctors tried to help him, with medication, and therapy, but nothing really seemed to help fill the void that caused his depression. 
The only way he could loose the pain in his heart was to use drugs, and get drunk.

By the time he was 17 he was well on his way to a life he could not come back from. Smoking, using drug and alcohol were part of his everyday life. And he had managed to get some friends that were not having a good influence on his life. But thet were the only people that gave him some attention. And eventhough it was not the right kind of attention. It was all he had.

One day his current foster parents insisted him on coming along to a museum about photograhy. At frist he refused but after insisting he did go along. Never would he have thought he would like it that much. He was intrugued by some of the photographs on display and the history of it all. Basically he was intrugues by the entire visit. This did not go unnoticed by the foster parents. Miloh was never the bit to show interest in anything other than his skateboard. So shen they got home his foster mom gave him an old digital camera.  Telling him he should do something with photography if it moved him that much. At first Miloh was unsure as to what she wanted from him, but hetook the device and in the days following he started making pictures. Experimenting with everything that seemed interesting to him. After a few weeks he was sitting in his room behind the computer when his foster mom came in and saw the pictures Miloh was browsing through. She asked him if he made them and he nodded. A smile set in her lips as she told him to pic his best 20 pictures. She promised Miloh she would have them printed professionally. This made Miloh very happy and he spend the next couple of days trying to decide on his best pictures. When he had decided he let his foster mom send them out to get printed.
A week later his the lady gave him a print on paper telling him to go and pic them up at the store. Excited he raced to the store when the shop owner gave him his pictures. He could harly wait and pulled them out of the protective case flipping through his pictures.
The man  tol him he had seen the pictures coming out of his printing machine and told him he was impressed by the quality of the pictures and asked him if Miloh had taken them. Proudly he said he had. The man then asked Miloh something that he thought would only happen in his dreams. The man offered him an unpaid intership at his store. He wanted Miloh to learn about photography. He told Miloh he was talented and that he should not let it go to waste. He was over the moon with the offer and took it right away. But the man had one condition. Miloh had to go back to school. This surprised him. How did the man know he had dropped out. That is when he realized that his foster mom was behind it all. The man confessed the lady had asked him of he was able to take Miloh on, and told him that he would not have taken miloh if he did not believe in his talent. Convinced the kind man had offered him the intership on his own accords he started his internship the very next ay after he finished his first day at school since a long time. He was determined not to screw it up. In this short time he had found something he loved perhaps even more that his skateboard. He had thanked his foster mom for helping him find his passion. Secretly he hoped he would be able to stay here. This lady was the first person in years sthat had taken any interest in Miloh and had actually helped him. But he had no such luck.
After spending about 9 months in the home he was moved again, and again, and again. He knew that was his life, but having both skateboarding and photography in his life, life seemed a little less gloomy. Though he strugled to finish high school after having missed almost a year of school, and struggled becoming clean of all drugs and alcohol as it had always been his escape from being moved from home to home. No place, no couple of foster parents seemed to be able to keep him, or give him the affection and love he needed. Always getting into fights with his foster parents, and getting into trouble because of it. 

So when the moment came for him to finish High school and go to college a whole new world opened up for him and things started to look up.
No longer was he forced to live with people he did not know. No longer he would have to move houses every other month. No, he was given his own dormroom. His own place, he was not going to get kicked out of. And this happening was his saviour.

He choose to get his bachelor in Photography. Which was not a hard choice for him at all. He knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.
Thoug he still had his trust issues, and had some trouble loosing his old ways, he found himself opening up to a normal life, more every day. And for the first time in a long time, Miloh was happy with his life, and happy with himself. He had an amazing room mate who showed him the world of college and how exciting it could be. 

Being in college without parents who could pay for his tuition, he needed a job. And much to his own surprise he found one in one of his favorites shops. Grind, the local skateshop he visited frequently as a huge skateboard fan.
Eventhough Miloh was swamped with school work and work at the shop, he still found the time to keep his internship at the photo store. Though it was not as often as he would have liked, he kept on coming every time he had a free hour. He felt he owed the place that much for being his saviour.

Workig at the skateshop gave him more that the money to pay for college. That is also where he met Bentley. Bentley was also an employee at the shop and they often got to work shifts together. They found they had a lot of similar interest. Besides skateboarding, they both loved, comics, movies and games. And as it turned out they both went to the same college. The two of them quickly bonded and became best friends and almost inseperable. The following year they became roommates aswell.