Maddox Delacroix 

Type/ mold: Soom Heliot Dream Ripper
Type eyes: 14 mm brandless dark green eyes
WigAltered Crobidoll CRWL-31 mellow cream
Face-up: By me 
Modifications: none 

Personal info:

Species: Vampire who is possessed by a demon
Name means:Son of god
Name Pronunciation: MA-dÉ™ks
Nickname: Maddy
Date of birth: 3 July
Horoscope: Cancer
Age: 25 when turned (born in 1697)
Sex: Male 
Family: Older brothers Lucien & Vincent
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Status:In a relationship with Ivicha
Job: Works in security for Zane , Third on command


Maddox is a very open, upbeat and laid back person. He also is a very loving person, who hates to fight with people, and is the kind of person that will move heaven and earth just to make someone happy, even if it means he is not. He also is know for his clumsyness and it can get him into a buttload of trouble at times. Eventhough he is what he is, he still has that little bit of childlike innocence over him. Maddox also has a darker side to him. The demon that possesses him is nothing like the person he himself is. His demon is a dark and vile soul. Who loves to see people suffer and in pain. A pure and evil being that comes through every now and then, and will especially take over when Maddox get's pissed off

Background story:

Maddox grow up in a large family together with his older brother Lucien. Thought there is a huge age gap between the two of them they grown up to become very close.
When Maddox is 12 years old, Lucien suddenly disappears. There is no clue as to what had happend to his brother. There was no body found so they could not tell wether Lucien had died or not. For a years Maddox could only wonder if his brother is still alive or not. His family had deemed him dead, but something inside of Maddox told him that there were still a little chance Lucien was still alive. 
When Maddox was at the age of 25 sickness struck his family hard, his parents, and almost all of his siblings had died of tyfoid. For a long time Maddox seemed to be able to dodge the nasty sickness wrecking hsi family, but he could not run forever. Only days after his last family member died he too started to show signs of illness. The sickness raced through his body and within only a hand full of days Maddox found himself on his deathbed.
Just when he had given up all hope of ever surviving this illness an angel seemed to appear out of nowhere. An angel bearing the face of his long lost brother Lucien. At first Maddox  thought he was halicinating. Lucien had been gone so long and the man did not seem to have aged a day since. He thought  that the sould of his long lost brother had come down from the heavens to take his soul. But Lucien was not an angel, not in the slightest bit. 
Lucien was a master vampire who had only found his little kid brother just in time to save his life. The man was not going to loose his younger brother again after just having found him again.
Lucien saves Maddox his life by turning him into a vampire.
After his life was saved, Maddox now found himself with a thirst for human blood. A thirst he did not understand.
Lucien took Maddox to his home so he could adjust to his new life.
In this home he meets one of Lucien's best friends, personal assistant and fellow vampire Ivicha.
A man Maddox would fall in love with at first bite.
The following couple of years where happy years for Maddox. He adjusted well to his new life and having his brother and the love of his life in right by his side he felt like life could not get any better.

Only two years later Maddox and Lucien got the shock of his life when out of nowhere their thought-to-be-dead-brother Vincent suddenly came back into their lives. Maddox had never know Vincent as he disappeared before Maddox was born. When maddox found out Vincent was in fact still alive he was overjoyed. He would get a chance to meet the man he had only heard stories about. He would thought Lucien and Vincent would be happy to see one another, but nothing culd have prepared him for the clash that would happen between the two men. Thought it seemed that Vincent only had a grudge towards Lucien. Vincent didn't know about Maddox's his exisistence, and was surprised to find out he had a kid brother. But after the initial surprise the two of them wasted no time to get to know one another. It turned out Vincent had been kidnapped and experimented for years. The expirements had turned him into a genetic vampire. Over time Lucien and Vincent also made up, much to Maddox's his delight.

But it could.
And it did when he and Ivicha got engaged.
They decided on not planning a wedding right away, as a gay wedding in those days was higly illegal. One day the world would change and Gay marriage would become legal. They decided to wait until that day before getting married.

Many years followed. years with extremely happy moments, but also though times passed.
Though times came when Lucien's wife Victoria was brutaly murdered.
Stricken with grief Lucien goes in search of the killer.
After Lucien found the killer of his wife he heads over to kill  he man who murdered Victoria.
He finds the man who turns out to be a hunter and take on the fight. 
Maddox who was still at home got a weird feeling that Lucien might be in distress and goed out looking for him.
After a long search he finds his brother in duel with the hunter and can right away see Lucien is fighting a loosing battle.
He rushes to his brother aid, and is just intime to intercept a fatal blow that would have killed Lucien instantly.
Seeing his brother dead on the ground set off a wave of rage and Lucien is able to kill off the hunter.
Devestated by the loss of his brother Lucien goes in search of something that would bring Maddox back.
Desperate he calls upon the help of Master Demon Zane. Who can bring Maddox back from he dead, but there is one downside to the deal. Maddox will have to live the rest of him immortal life with a demon inside of him. He would become a halfbreed vampire - demon.  Lucien let's Zane work his magic and Maddox comes back now with a  raging demon inside of him.

Just as he thought trying to live with bloodlust had been hard, living with a dark and evil demon that was now intertwined with his own soul would turn out to be an even bigger challenge as it left him with a split personality. One moment he would be his own happy and innocent self, and the other moment he would be a vile and evil demon, out to hurt everything and anything he could get his hands on. For months he struggled with the demon for control of his own body, control over his own life. The demon always in the back of his mind pushing him to do what it wants in instead of what he wanted himself. Urging him to hurt everyone close to him and more. It tore at his sanity, and it would not be weird if you would find him in a corner talking to himself, trying to keep the demon to lay low. As the months progressed it got easier living with the beast inside, although it would always prove tricky, he learned how to keep the demon inside of him happy, and that meant that he sometimes just had to let go.  
When the months turned into a year Maddox and his demon were so well intertwined that their souls had become one. He now was a a true hybrid. He was that demonic vampire every second of the day, day in day out. Never loosing his old self, but renewed with a fighting, dark spirit in his blood. 
In the end Maddox still was the same person he was before he got killed by the hunter, but the demon's soul now intertwined with his own gave him a dangerous edge that proved to come in handy with his new job.

During the time he tried to learn how to live with his new body-mate he became friends with the man that had saved his live after the attack of the vampire hunter. Zane, the Master Demon. The man had not only saved his live, but taught him to deal with his new one. Their friendship grew strong over time and after a while Maddox started to feel he owed Zane for all his help. When he confessed his feeling to the man, he was surprised by what the man had come up with as a payment in return. Zane offered him a job in his security team, a place where his new found self would prove to come in handy from time to time. It was there he met Zane's second in control Kamdhin. A man who turned out to know exactly what his internal fight was like. The both of them bonded in a close friendship becoming a well oiled team at the head of the security team.
As time passed the crew grew with one person at a time, each new adition finding his own perfect place in the team.

For a long time this stayed as the status quo.
But in the early 1920's Maddox his life was once again turned upside down.
Zane order him and some of the crew to take down a vampiress who had been committing crime after crime.
He and his crew had stormed into the vampiress her mansion and had orders to slay all they met.

There was one male in the house who was being held captive in a room, a male blood slave named Adrien. An innocent, who had been abused by the vampiress for years on end.
Adrien had heard the screams of the people in the house and had felt his misstress death through the bloodchain he wore.
The man had started baning on the doors of his prison and had yelled for help. Maddox had heard the screams of the man and had gone to find and kill him.
But when Maddox saw Adrien for what he was he held back. Adrien was shackeled on one ankle, a long chain attachted to his shackle on one end, the other drilled into the wall of his chamber. Maddox was not sure what was going on, or what to do. He asked Adrien why he was in chains. The man poured out his whole terrible and horrific life and Maddox could not help feeling sorry for the man. Adrien begged him to safe his life. To bind him, to make him his blood slave. It was clear that Adrien was on borrowed time now that Maddox had killed his mistress. Now that she was dead, he would soon be to unless someone offered him a new blood chain.
Maddox was unsure about helping Adrien out. He had no idea how to handle a blood slave, and if he needed one.
But Adrien kept on pleading him and finaly he caved. He could not let the man die, not after what that nasty women had done to him for so many years.
Adrien helped him with making the new blood chain and before he knew it he was on his was home. Adrien at his side. How was he going to tell this to Ivy and Lucien? 
Luckily both men understood whty Maddox had done what he had done, and it was no problem at all.

The first few weeks were very akward for both Maddox and Adrien. Adrien was a very skittish person and seemed to have some problem trusting Maddox and adjusting to his new life. They slowly got to know one another, and as they did Adrien seemed to relax more and more. And as time passed they became close friends. It was very rewarding for Maddox to see Adrien bloom from the frightend boy he used to be to the bubly person he became.

In the mid 1930's Lucien get's challenged by a vampire for his position as master vampire. Lucien can not deny the challenge and accepts, only to beat the challenger on his last breath. When the brother of the challenger turns up only days  later Lucien finds himself once again in a fight, one he can not win because he still haa not recovered from the last fight. Because it is not an official challenge Maddox and Ivicha are able to step in and kill the ravenous man. But Lucien is mortally injured and if they were to do nothing he would surely die. Destroyed by the thought of Lucien dying Maddox did whan Lucien had done for him two times already. He went in search of a cure, a way to stop Lucien from dying. He found the solution with Warlock Dorian. Dorian was able to make a spell that would order a Djinn to enchant Lucien to give him back his life, the only downside is that it would only work if they were to call upon an immatured Djinn. And for the spell to work the Djinn would have to bond with Lucien for as long as Lucien's life would last. The Djinn would never grow up and would be forever in their lives as a little kid. Maddox did not have another choice and told Dorian to do it. That is how little Djinn Keiji came into their lives. A little cheeky kid that loved to play childish magical pranks on his master and the people living in his home.

To be continued....

Still to come:

2013 - Lucien meets Brandon
2014 - Alexandra reunites with Lucien and he meets his granddaughter
2015 - Ivy and Maddox get married, Brandon and Lucien get engaged