Maddox Delacroix 

Type/ mold: Soom Zak
Type eyes: 14 mm brandless lifelike hazel glass eyes
WigAltered Crobidoll CRWL-31 mellow cream
Face-up: By me 
Modifications: none 

Personal info:

Species: Vampire who is possessed by a demon
Name means:Son of god
Name Pronunciation: MA-dÉ™ks
Nickname: Maddy
Date of birth: 28 november
Horoscope: sagitarius
Age: 25 when turned (born in 1697)
Sex: Male 
Family: Older brothers Lucien & Vincent. Younger brother Evander
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Status:In a relationship with Ivicha
Job: Works in security for Zane , Third on command


Maddox is a very open, upbeat and laid back person. He also is a very loving person, who hates to fight with people, and is the kind of person that will move heaven and earth just to make someone happy, even if it means he is not. He also is known for his clumsiness and it can get him into a buttload of trouble at times. Even though he is what he is, he still has that little bit of childlike innocence over him. Maddox also has a darker side to him. The demon that possesses him is nothing like the person he himself is. His demon is a dark and vile soul. Who loves to see people suffer and in pain. A pure and evil being that comes through every now and then, and will especially take over when Maddox get's pissed off