Keiji Delacroix 

Type/ mold: Luts Kid delf Woori
Type eyes: Brown Glass brandless eyes
Wig: Darkbrown Fue wig by me
Face-up: by me 
Modifications: Boobie Reduction mod by me

Personal info:

Species: Djinn
Name means: Governs with descretion
Name Pronunciation: KAY jee
Date of birth: 18 Febuari
Horoscope: Aquarius
Age: 10
Sex: Male 
Family: Younger Brother Keoni
Sexual orientation: Doesn't have one
Status: unable to have a relationship


Keiji is the kind of little boy that is always happy and hyperactive. he has the engery of 10 people and can go on for what seemed like forever without the need of sleep or rest. He is a real little devil, as he loves to play pranks on people, and tease them when ever en how ever he can. Making the lives of the people he is bond to a living hell at times.