Keiji Dunstan 

Type/ mold: Luts Kid delf Woori
Type eyes: Brown Glass brandless eyes
Wig: Darkbrown Fue wig by me
Face-up: by me 
Modifications: Boobie Reduction mod by me

Personal info:

Species: Djinn
Name means: Governs with descretion
Name Pronunciation: KAY jee
Date of birth: 18 Febuari
Horoscope: Aquarius
Age: 10
Sex: Male 
Family: Younger Brother Keoni
Sexual orientation: Doesn't have one
Status: unable to have a relationship


Keiji is the kind of little boy that is always happy and hyperactive. he has the engery of 10 people and can go on for what seemed like forever without the need of sleep or rest. He is a real little devil, as he loves to play pranks on people, and tease them when ever en how ever he can. Making the lives of the people he is bond to a living hell at times.

Background story:

Keiji soul was taken from a baby that died not long after birth by a master Djinn, just like his older brother Keoni had a few years before. He was to become one of the new Djinn's in training. He would grow up just like a human and when he was to reach a mature age he would be ready to go into the world making people wishing upon him suffer.
Both Keiji en Keoni grew up their first years together, learning the trade of a Djinn.
But  when Keiji was just a about 7 years old he was called to aid a dying vampire named Lucien by a warlock. He was to save the life of the vampire, but the only way for Keiji to save the vampire with his still limited powers was to bound himself to the vampire for life. This would prevent him from aging normally. He would age very slowly and it would take hundreds of years fo him to reach his adult level. Keiji did not want the bond, but being summoned by a warlock was something Keiji just could not fight.

From that day on Keiji was bound to Lucien. Everywhere the vampire would go he needed to follow. He could not leave, for he would be sucked back the moment he went to far.
He quickly realized that living with the vampire and his family was not such a bad thing after all. He quite enjoyed harrassing them. Playing pranks on them, and he never had to switch masters ever again. No nagging people asking him petty things in  their wishes. No, he loved being bound. Even more so as the family in the house grew and he got more and more people to terrorize with his pranks.