Kamdhin  Welsh

Type/ mold: OOAK head made by Dragonwings236
Type eyes: Bright blue pupilles glass eyes
Wig: Monique red in blond and lightbrown
Face-up: By me

Personal info:

Species: Vangel (vampire angel hybrid)
Name means: Different spelling to Camden, I based his name on my favorite place in London England; Camden Market
Name Pronunciation:K AE M - d uh n
Nickname: Cammy
Date of birth: 14 febuari
Horoscope: Aquarius
Sex: Male 
Family: -
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Status: In a relationship with Seven
Job: Second in command for Zane


In his daily life Kamdhin is a very mellow, laid back and quiet kind of person. He loves and enjoys life to the fullest and is very caring and loyal to those he loves and cherishes. 
Music is a thing that is very important in his life. Don't touch his baby (his white guitar) if you value your life.
Thougj in every day life Kamdhin is a very loving person, deep down Kamdhin will always be the fearless warrior he was born to be. He is a person that will not take any crap from any one and does not run away from a  fight. He utterly skilled and very deadly if he wants or needs to be. 

Background story:

Kamdhin was created in heaven by the arc angels as a Halo warrior. An elite warrior group that was specially created for the thoughest battles and fights heaven would face. He was trained to be and agile, versatile, and utterly deadly fighter. And for a very long time he was happy doing what he was born to do. 
He was very close to his fellow warriors. There were not many of them, but enough to win even the most gruesome fights they faced. And because there were only few of them, they relied on one another to have eachothers backs.

One night the Kamdhin and one other fellow warrior were ordered by an arch angel to kill a master vampire that had crossed his boundries and had killed a couple of guardian angels.
Fearless as he was he faced the vampire, determined to end the man's life. Like every soul they met for killing the vampire started pleading to spare his life. He had not committed the crime he was accused of. And something in the man's words, in the man's voice made Kamdhin doubt if the man really was guitly.
There was something in the man's eyes that convinced him to prove his innocence. His fellow warrior had called him insane for believing the vampire. 
Kamdhin argued with his fellow warrior to spare his life untill he was proved guilty, but his fellow warrior felt nothing for it and went ahead to take a shot to kill. Kamdhin reacted instantly and without thinking twice as he took the bullet to his own chest. The vampire had taken off right after Kamdhin was hit. The warrior called Kamdhin an idiot and left him to die.
Kamdhin was now left already half dead on the streets all alone. Or atleast that is what he though when his eyes closed and he went to embrace his deadly fate.

Much to his own surpise his eyes opened not to find hell, where he ad expected to go after such a stunt, he woke up in a lush bedroom, with the vampire he had tried to safe right by his bedside.
It turned out the man had stuck around, watching from a dark alley. And as soon as the other warrior had left he had rushed to do what Kamdhin had done for him. Safe his life. 
The only problem was that Kamdhin was already to far gone to be saved with normal methodes. The only way the vampire had left to safe Kamdhin's life was to turn him.
The vampire had no idea what it would do to an angel like Kamdhin, but he did it anyways. 
Kamdhin was shocked by what he was told. What did that mean for him? Was he now too a vampire, or was he still an angel? Or had he become some hideous freak?
The first thing he did when he found out what had happened to him was to call upon heaven.
He needed to know what would become of him, what he had turned into.

Heaven and the arch angels were able to answer his questions. What had happened to him had happend to a handful of angels before him. He was not longer a full angel, nor was he a full vampire. He was a Vangel. A rare mix breed between the two species.
He still had his wings and the special weapons he had earned during his long training. He would still be able to go out in sunglight, but he would have the need to feed on blood.
He would not longer be allowed in heaven, but he would not fall. He had become a banned angel. Forever stuck between heaven and earth. He would still be able to keep contact with heaven, if he promised to help out heaven when they most needed it. This was an offer a normal vangel would not get. But seeing that Kamdhin had been right about the innocence of the vampire, rules where changed for him. He gladly took the offer the arches gave him.
But now he was left all alone on earth. With no real purpose, no home, nothing. The vampire that had turned him said he had only wanted to save his life in return. But there was no place for him in the coven.

Newly turned Kamdhin was left to his own devices. From one moment to the other he was a homeless halfbreed freak with now where to go.
For many months Kamdhin wandered around the streets of the city, looking for his way out of the mess he was in.

Help came from an unexpected corner. After many months of radio silence heaven reached out to Kamdhin, asking him to kill a demon. Master demon Zane had reached out to heaven on the terms of their treaty and has asked for help to kill a high ranking demon that was causing problems.
Pledged to help heaven when asked Kamdhin went to Zane to help him kill the demon. The mission took about a week to complete and in that time Kamdhin worked very closely with the master demon.
After the mission had been completed Kamdhin was preparing himself to go back to the life of living on the streets. But Zane offered him something in return for his help.
Zane told Kamdhin he was free to stay in Zane's house for as long as it needed for Kamdhin to find his way in the world. Gratefull Kamdhin took the offer he was given.  He was fully intended not to overstay his welcome and did his best to find himself a job and a home to stay in.
But what he had not expected to happen was for him to bond with the master demon on a friendship level. And as the days, and weeks passed Kamdhin and Zane started to develop a close friendship. Kamdhin started helping Zane out with the day to day ruling of the city. Keeping the demons of the city in check, keeping out rogues and killing where needed.

12 months later Kamdhin still found himelf by Zane's side. Having become a permenent inhabitant of Zane's huge mansion. He had found his place on earth. Right by Zane's side as his second in command and best friend.

One day Kamdhin was out for some 


To be continued...

Still to come:
- Saves Alex