Kamdhin  Welsh

Type/ mold: Little Rebel Aleksander
Type eyes: Green glass eyes with brown spek
Wig: Crobidoll 
Face-up: By me
Modifications:  none

Personal info:

Species: Vangel (vampire angel hybrid)
Name means: Different spelling to Camden, I based his name on my favorite place in London England; Camden Market
Name Pronunciation:K AE M - d uh n
Nickname: Cammy
Date of birth: 9 August
Horoscope: Leo
Sex: Male 
Family: -
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Status: In a relationship with Seven
Job: AIA team leader


In his daily life Kamdhin is a very mellow, laid back and quiet kind of person. He loves and enjoys life to the fullest and is very caring and loyal to those he loves and cherishes. 
Music is a thing that is very important in his life. Don't touch his baby (his white guitar) if you value your life.
Thougj in every day life Kamdhin is a very loving person, deep down Kamdhin will always be the fearless warrior he was born to be. He is a person that will not take any crap from any one and does not run away from a  fight. He utterly skilled and very deadly if he wants or needs to be.