Kaiko "Kai" Talcott                                                 


Type/ mold: Migidoll Miho
Type eyes: ??
Wig: ??
Face-up: By me
Modifications: none

Personal info:

Species: Human
Name means: Sea with strong current
Name Pronunciation: Kahj
Nickname: Shorty
Date of birth: 6 May
Horoscope: Taurus
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Family: Older brother Kaleb
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Status: In a relationship with siblings Isolde & Bryden
Job:  Still in college, but tutors on the side for extra money. Also plays drums for Rebels Ruin


Kai is a friendly, somewhat shy and a little insecure guy. He is not the person that likes to be the center of attention. He is a mellow person and hates to be in conflict with other people. Even though he can be a little shy and insecure, he will let go of these feelings once he feels comfortable or trusts the people he is with. But there is only one place he will truly let go of all of it, and that is when he is behind his drum set and on stage. Or when his brother unknowingly fed him a few drinks. Kai is also a very intelligent guy who learns easily.

Background story:

Kai was born as the youngest in an Hawaiian/English family of 11 children. (He has 3 brothers and 7 sisters) Ons of his brothers is called Kaleb and is just 1,5 years older then Kai is. Kai and Kaleb have a huge age difference with the rest of their siblings. This fact made that over the years Kai and Kaleb became very close and consider each other more as best friends that as brothers.
Kai has had a very normal childhood. He was always a top a-grade student and never really had any problems.
From a very young age, he started showing his interest in music. And when his parents let Kaleb learn how to play an instrument, he wanted to the same things. This was something his parents were unable to deny him and at the age of 6 his he started playing the drums. 
It had always been clear that Kai was a very intelligent boy and after highschool Kai was offered a full scholarship to a very fancy college. But much to his parents dislike he refused the offer and decided to enlist at the same community college his brother went to. He is the kind of person that does think everyone should be able to get a good education, but there was one things he did not want. And that was to be away from the people who loves for multiple years.
He currently is still in college still has a few years to go before he will get his degree. When he is not busy with his study he spends a lot of his time making music with his brother and with the band they are both in. Playing shows, writing new music, and practice every now and then. But whenever he finds the time he will tutor high school kinds, to make a little extra money. 

Little fun facts:
- Even though his full name is Kaiko everyone called him Kai. He prefers this shorter name to his full name as people often found his name silly or called him cute.

- He was introduced to his Jules, Jay and Brandon by his brother at the age of 12. It did not take long for the 5 of them to bond and become best friends.

-When he was 15 he formed a band with his best friends called Rebels Ruin.

-At the age of 20 he recorded and released the first album with the band