Julian "Jules" Rivas (wtb)


Type/ mold ?????
Type eyes: Deep blue brandless glass eyes
WigCrobidoll CRWL-73 Caramel Black
Face-up: ???
Modifications: None

Personal info:

Species: Human
Name means:Youthfull
Name Pronunciation: Djuuls
Date of birth: 31 May
Horoscope: Gemini
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Family: Younger sister Maddison & Older sister Kathleen
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Job: Lead vocalist for Rebels Ruin & Dance teacher


Jules has a strong personality and is pretty cocky. He loves to be the center of attention and kind of has a big ego. He knows the girls like him and he loves the attention he gets from them. He also is a little closed off. He won't let people into his heart easily. He is loyal to his friends and loves to spend time with them. But he also value's his time alone.  Singin is Jules's biggest passion he is a real stange animal. 

Background story:

Jules grew up in a family with little money. He has 2 sisters, 1 younger (Maddison) and 1 older (Kathleen). His parents worked hard and made struggled to make ends meet, but it had little effect on his childhood. He had a happy and love filled childhood. Due to the fact that his parents worked a lot Jules was mostly raised by his grandfather Don. Jules loved his grandfather dearly and looked up to the man. 

From a young age Jules showed great interest in music. Being it dancing to it or even playing it himself or singing along with the lyrics. He started singing when he was just a young boy and it was clear he had talent. Dancing was something he started not long after he started singing. Though as a young growing boy he was not really a star at it. But he could care less, he loved doing it so he kept on doing it. And as time progressed he got better at it bit by bit.
His grandfather always supported him in his singing and dancing as he saw  the boy had potential and he knew it was what made Jules happy. His parents however doubted it was something they should encourage. They did not want Jules to focus on music and dancing and loose interest in getting a good education. Even though they did wish for Jules to succeed in what he loved most and make a living off of it, they did keep in mind that maybe it would not happen and then he would have nothing to fall back on. 

But there was also the fact that his parent just did not have the means to support Jules in his journey to become a better musician or dancer. They  barely scraped by every month. They did not have the money to pay for dance lessons or music lessons.
But his grandfather though it was such a shame to let his talent go to waste and he started paying for Jules his vocal and dancing lessons from the moment Jules turned 10 years old.
The kind man also thought him how to play the guitar when Jules was 13 years old

When Jules was just 12 years old he met a couple of kids in his class that shared similar interest to his own. Their names were Brandon, Kaleb en Jay. The four of them hit it off almost instantly and they became close friends.
Two years after their friendship was formed a fifth friend was added to the group in the form of Kaleb's younger brother Kaiko. 
Just a mere year later the group of friends decided they should so something with their shared interest in music and that is when they started their band which they named Rebels Ruin.

After high school Jules went to the college of musical arts on a scholarship, this is where his talents really started to bloom. He was given both vocal and dance master classes and he also learned how to play the piano. In college he discovered he loved Street style dancing over any other style and decided to specialize himself in it. Though his future looked promising he did keep his parents concerns in mind. That is why he also followed a class which allowed him to become a dance teacher. It was in this class where he met Terran. A small male whose specialism was contemporary and modern dance. He found out they not only shared the class but they both were there on the same scholarship. Though they seemed to different from one another they did become close friends.

Though Jules had his full focus on his education he never forgot his four band mates. Most of them were scattered across the country attending different colleges and getting an education themselves. And they got together as often as they could. Keeping the band in their lives and in their hearts as they still all shared the wish to make it together.
Though for most of them the future looked bright there was one band member who's live had taken a turn for the worse.
Brandon, was not doing as well as the rest of them. Brandon had been given a really hard time when he was a kid, a mother that was a drunk and drugged out wench an abusive father, parents divorcing and disowning both him and his brother. His brother was forced to on the care of Brandon at some point and had to stop school to go to work to provide for Brandon. This all turned out a little too heard for the still young Dennis as he one day, without any warning took his own life. Brandon was left all alone and this took its toll on the young male and he resorted to a life, of heavy drinking, drugs and crime. The boy even had to serve time in prison for things he had done.
Jules often worried his friend was going to end up dead in a ditch somewhere, or just like his mother, in prison for life. He felt he had to do something to help out his friend. And that is exactly what he did. He called His friend out and told him that if he did not change his ways he was just as pathetic as the woman Brandon hated most, his own mother. This had shaken Brandon to his core and turned out to be the push the young man needed to turn his life around. Jules was happy to see Brandon recovering from the depression that had been in the male for some time and seeing the boy make changes for the better. 

After finishing college Jules and his merry band buddies worked hard to get their band off the ground. But this turned out to be harder that any of them would have thought. They had been overjoyed when they had been able to save up enough money between the four of them to record an album which they were able to release when Jules was 23 years old. They had hoped the release would help out with getting the band name out there. They did get a bit more gigs than before, but things did not really took off. 
Jules knew he had to find a job to pay his bills and that is when he turned to the dance studio he had done his internship at. He had loved working at the studio and he just had to try and see if they could help him out. They were all too happy to give him a job as he had always done great with the younger kids. He was given a couple of classes to teach. But what excited him most was the fact that the school had also asked him if he wanted to help out with making the choreo's for their bigger more important clients. This was an offer he could not refuse. 

Terran, his college friend, on the other hand was not as lucky. The poor guy struggled finding a job. 
Jules felt sorry for his friend, so when he got asked to make a choreo combining modern dance with street style he knew he had to ask Terran to help him out. There was no other person whom he could make this choreo with. So he asked his boss if it was okay to hire Terran for the job and his boss complied.
Terran had been overjoyed Jules had asked him to help, and the next two weeks were filled with hard work and loads of fun.
After those two weeks his boss offered Terran a job at the studio, which the male took without a second thought. Not only were Julesand Terran close friends, they now also were colleagues.

When Jules was 24 years old he and the band got the big break they had dreamed of for so long. A record company had spotted them playing at a local club and offered them a contract. Within weeks the guys were recording their second album and just a handful of months later they were touring the country. Winning over one fan at the time. Becoming a well known and loved band.