Joshua Matthews (wtb)

Type/ mold: Switch Taeheo
Type eyes:??
Wig:  ??
Face-up: by me
Modifications: - 

Personal info:

Species: Werewolf 
Name means:The lord is my salvation
Name Pronunciation: Djoh-sjoo-ah
Nickname: Josh
Date of birth:18 Januari
Horoscope: Capricorn
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Family: Big Brother Gabriel
Sexual orientation: Bi-sexual
Status: In a relationship with Miloh
Job: Sound engineer/Roadie for Rebels Ruin


Joshua is a very laid back and easy going person. He is very relaxed and always knows how to keep his cool. He is kind and friendly to everyone he meets and will always lend a helping hand if he can. But he is also very secretive about his personal life. It is not something he talks about often.

Background story:

Joshua grew up normal loving family together with his older brother Gabriel. They had a normal childhood, for as far as normal was for two young werewolf cubs. They had a happy childhood, but when Joshua reached his teens he started to get into troubles with his parents. His parents always wished that their children would fall into their footsteps and become warriors for the pack. It is something they had started training  their kid for from a very young age. Having them train in defence sports and learning them all about weapons, other supernaturals, and pretty  much teach them in all they needed to know to become warriors of the pack. 
Joshua had always thought this to be normal, but in his teens he learned that not all kids in the pack were trained in the same way he and Gabriel had been. It was also the time that Joshua´s interest started going into music.
This concerned his parents greatly, as they did not want Joshua to lose track on what they thought he was meant to be. But the more his parents pushed him the more Joshua tried to find his escape in music. The constant pushing of his parents made him depressed. All he wanted was for his parents to realize that he was not going to be happy being a warrior. He had little to none aggression in his soul and he just could not see himself having to beat up people for the rest of his life just to keep to the pack safe. Ofcourse did care deeply for the pack, and if he had to die to keep it safe he would. But he knew deep down he would be happier taking up another rank in the pack.
Joshua struggled with the pressure and feeling for most of his high school years. But when the time came for him to choose a major for college the struggle only became harder.
He wanted to go for music technology, but this was against the wishes of his parents.
The strugle Joshua was having did not go unnoticed by his brother, whom he had always been close to.
Gabriel hated seeing his kid brother unhappy, and therefore took matters in his own hands and went to talk with his parents. Gabriel had never had any problems with what his parents wanted him to become, as it was something he took wanted to become when he became of age. He had dreamt of becoming a warrior for the pack ever since he could remember. He asked his parents what was more important to them, an unhappy child forced to do something he never wanted to do, or a child that did not do what his parents dreamed of but followed his own dreams and was happy. The talk Gabriel had with his parents had a good effect as it open both of their eyes and realized they could not stand to see their child unhappy in life.
Right after they had a talk with Joshua and they told him that they would not longer pressure Joshua into doing their bidding and that he should go and do what made him happy, and that they would be proud to have a son becoming what he truly wanted to become.
Overjoyed Joshua enrolled in college, choosing the major he had always wanted to pursue.
After he finished college with his degree in his pocket he found a job at the recording studio he had his internship with. The studio had been so happy with Joshua they didn´t want to see him sign a contract with another studio.
Joshua could not say no to the offer as he had enjoyed working for the studio a lot. 
At first his job consisted of work that only involved  the being in the studio. Helping band record their new music.
But as time passed he got more and more invites to join bands on tour.
His boss wasn´t sure it would be a wise decision, but when more and more bands started asking about it he caved and let Joshua go on tour as well. This was super exciting for Joshua, he had always wanted to know what it would be like to go on tour.
After been on the road for almost two years he was tasked with recording an album with a new band that was signed to the record company that his boss also had. The band was Named Rebels Ruin and consisted of five young guys wanting to make it big. At first Joshua was unsure what to think of these young blokes, not sure if they had what it takes to make it in the industry. But after a few days of working with them, hearing what they had in them he realized he was working with a diamond in the rough. The guys where very professional and their music was really good. It did need some tweaking, but there was enough there already to make them great. He also found that there five guys were amazing fellows, and he found himself bonding with them, becoming a respected friend of the band.
So when they asked him if he wanted to become their go to roadie/ sound technician he could not refuse. That was to become the beginning of Joshua becoming their own personal sound technician/roadie.
When the guys finished recording the album it was time to start thinking about promotional things, making an awesome cover for the album. That is when Kaleb, one of the band members suggested they'd hire a guy he knew from college who was a photographer named Miloh. Trusting Kaleb they hired Miloh to make all the pictures they needed. Joshua didn't think he'd ever meet Miloh, but his boss ordered him to go along on the shoot, keep an eye out  that things were done properly.
And thus the next day Joshua found himself way out of his comfort zone and at the photo shoot. He had never expected the young and somewhat small Miloh to come to his rescue and assure him things were going to be okay. He found that Miloh actually was a pretty nice guy and they got along very well from the first moment they met. There was something about Miloh that fascinated him from the very beginning. 
After the day was done he thought he would never see Miloh again. But he could not have been more wrong.
A few weeks after the shoot his Alpha Felan asked him to drop a package off at the shop of their Beta Roan. Roans shop was in his way to work so he took on the task and hopped by Roan store. What he was not expecting was Miloh working the register. As it turned out, Miloh was working two jobs, one as a photographer and one as member of Roan's team in the shop. Miloh was just as surprised to see Joshua walk in, and Roan was even more confused, not knowing that Joshua and Miloh knew one another.
After that day, Joshua found himself stopping by Roan's shop more and more often. Not so much so he could talk to his Beta, but to see Miloh. The little guy had caught his attention and didn't want to leave his thoughts. He tried to refuse the thought of him actually like Miloh more than a friend. But he could not deny the fact that feeling were blooming inside of him. So he was overjoyed when one day Miloh asked him if he wanted to come over later that day after his shift at the shop had ended. Without even thinking twice he answered, yes. 
That evening, he came back to the shop to pick Miloh up and go back to Miloh's place. What surprised him was the fact that Miloh's home was closer than he thought. As it turned out, Miloh lived right above the shop. Roan had recently bought a new place closer to the pack and the woods and had offered the apartment above the shop to Miloh to rent. Miloh had taken the offer all too happy to be able to move out of his student home.
That night was a night Joshua enjoyed to the fullest. He loved being with Miloh, and if he read Miloh's vibes correctly, he too enjoyed himself as well.
That night turned out to be the night that set things off for Miloh and himself. They started seeing more and more of each other and after three months Miloh was the one to confirm his feelings when he kissed him just as they were saying goodbye for the night.
At first Joshua was overjoyed with the fact Miloh thought of him as more than just a friend. But soon after he realized that things were not as easy as they seemed to be. If he wanted this relationship to work he had to tell Miloh about his true identity. But if he told him about his wolf side, it would also mean that Roan's wolf identity would surface. So before he even thought about confessing to Miloh he went to talk to Roan. Roan had already known there was something growing between Joshua and Miloh, he had seen it in their eyes, the way they reacted to one another. And as it turned out Roan had no problem with his secret become know to Miloh. Roan considered Miloh to be a close friend. He had been his employee for many years and he said he would not rent out his place above to shop too just anyone. He trusted Miloh  told Joshua to do the same.
The next evening Joshua gathered all his courage and went to see Miloh to confess.
At first Miloh had laughed in his face, not believing a word he had told the guy. But after handing Miloh some very obvious evidence he was not telling ghost stories, Miloh had no choice but to believe Joshua.
For the first moments Miloh had just been shocked, sitting on the couch speechless, trying to understand what had just been unveiled to him. Joshua was scared that his confession would change Miloh's mind about being with him.
But he was surprised by Miloh when the young male threw his arms around Joshua and told him he didn't care that Joshua was a werewolf. He loved him, and that was all that mattered. He would just have to get used to the fact that his lover was also part wolf. Miloh said that he would not be able to live with himself if Joshua was not in his life, and he secretly thought it was kind of cool he had a wolf for a boyfriend. A huge weight fell off Joshua's shoulder as he heard Miloh speak those words.
It was official now. He and Miloh, they were together. And he could not believe his luck and could not be happier with how his life hand turned out.



.... to be continued