Josephine Delacroix (wtb)

Type/ mold: Iplehouse Doria
Type eyesBlack glass eyes, brandless
Wig: Black and red wig, brand unkown
Face-up: By me 
Modifications: none

Personal info:

Species: Half vampire/half demon
Name means:Jehovah in creases
Name Pronunciation: JOH-seh-feen
Nickname: Josey
Date of birth: 
Horoscope: Libra
Age: Born in 1970. Ages slow, 1-10 ratio. 
Family: Mother Alexandra, Grandfather Lucien, GrandUncle Maddox
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Status: In a relationship with Liza
Job:  Bounty hunter


Josephine is a very happy and upbeat and spirited little girl. She is like any 4 year old girl. She loves to learn new things, questions everything with why and how. She lovs to play with he teddy and her dolls. But also has a facination for weapons and deadly things.

Background story:

Josephine was born out of a one night stand her mother hand with a demon. This made het a vampire-demon hybrid upon birth. Her hybrid nature also her age very slowly. It is estimated she ages in a 1-10 ratio. She was born in 1975, and in this current day is 40 years old, but is in mind and physical form only 4 years old.
She grows up a happy little girl at her mothers side.
But all that is about to change when 2016 comes.
Her mother finds her self in severe danger and she has to make the hard decision to hand the care of her little girl over to Lucien, who is Josephine's grandfather.
One day she leaves her little girl standing on Lucien's doorstep with only a little note to acompany her
"Please take care of your granddaughter until it is safe for me to return. I will explain everything."
Josephine now finds herself in a house full of stange people. At first she is very withdrawn and shy, but she slowly warms up to her grandfather and the other people living in the home. She also meets Shinji en Keiji, two little Djinn boys whom she gets along with really well.

To be continued.......