Felan Aylin (wtb)

Type/ mold: Soom york
Type eyes: 
Face-up: By me
Modifications: - 

Personal info:

Species: Werewolf
Name means: Wolf
Name Pronunciation: Feej-lahn
Nickname: Fluffy McFluffins
Date of birth: ??
Horoscope:  ??
Age: 42 but forever in his late twenties
Sex: Male
Family: Younger brothers Saeran en  Terran
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Status: In a relationhip with Bentley
Job:  Pack leader


Felan is a very laid back and easy going person. He is not one that get's stressed easily and has a rather relaxed feeling about him. He does not take life all too serious, and he prefers to spend his life having fun and enjoying it to its fullest. He is a really sporty kind of guy; he really enjoys a good work out. You can often find him running through the thick woods that sit behind his home as it is one of his favorite things to do. His relaxed and laid back personality shines through in the way he leads his pack. But he also is a very stricked leader at the same time. You abide by the rules or get into some serious trouble. As long as you abide by the rules, he is a very loving and caring alpha. His pack members are very important to him and he will do anything and everything to protect them. Even if it means he has to do thing  that go against his own standards. Felan is not one to get angry easily but when he does get angry, you'd better run and hide, 'cause that is when he is most dangerous. But he is extra dangerous when you touch his brother or his lover.

Background story:

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