What is a Face-ups and why would I need a commission?
A face-up is the make-up or painting you see on all BJD faces. The painting on a BJD is not permanent and can damage and many dolls can come without painting at all if you buy them. If you have a doll with a pretty face without any damage, you will not need a face-up commission. But if you get a doll without a painted face, a damaged face or a face that you do not like. That is where I come in. I can remove the old face if it needs to be removed and repaint your dolls head and make them all pretty again. 

What materials do I use?
When I do a face-up I sue several materials to get the optimal and mos beautifu result for you.
All my materials are high quality products to ensure your face-up will last a long time.
Here is a list of the materials I use.
- Mister super clear and Citadel purity seal Sealants
- Rembrand, Jaxel and Mungyo soft Pastels
- Folk art & Acrylic Paint
- Jo Sonja water based Gloss & Flow Medium
- Water based kid's glue


My specialties
My specialty when it comes to face-ups are natural face-ups male and female face-ups. Working with natural shades and colors. Another speciality is freckles.
But I can also do a smokey eye, something very colorfull and even extreme.
I can do a whole lot of different styles of face-ups. Please take a look at my Portfolio to see what I am capable of. Are you unsure if I can do what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me with some exmples of what you want and I will be able to tell you if it is possible, chances are I am able to give you just what you want.