Dorian Dagger 

Type/ mold: Iplehouse Rex
Type eyes: Bright blue glass eyes brandless
Wig: Light brown fur wig, Maker unknown
Face-up: by me 
Modifications: - 

Personal info:

Species: Warlock
Name means: Doesn't really have one
Name Pronunciation: DOWR-ee-ən
Nickname: Do 
Date of birth: 24 May
Horoscope: Gemini
Age: 487
Sex: Male 
Family: Son Dakota, Wife Victoria
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Married to Victoria
Job: Warlock


Dorian is a real casual gentleman. He is very kind and easy to get along with when you first meet him. He will always have a smile ready for anybody and is open to contact with everybody. Though it all is somewhat of a little facade as he is not the kind of person who trusts people easily. Trust is something you have to earn with this guy. He is a real business man and in his eyes, everything has a price tag. He is willing to help anybody who needs his help if the price is right.
He has a gift to make everybody feel at ease in his presence and he often uses it on his clients, to make them spend more money to fulfil their wishes.
Besides being a very good businessman he also is a loving husband and father and loyal friend. Those who have been lucky enough to earn his trust can count on him even in their dying need.