Delacriox Timeline

Main Characters to this timeline:
Adrien, Dorian, BlazeJosephine, Keiji, Maddox, Sebastian, Trez & Reza

Other Main Characters in this timeline are:
Alexandra, Ivicha, Lucien, Oliver, Victoria & Vincent
These Characters do not belong to me, but belong to Amarie_bjd

Characters from other timelines that are of importance  to this timeline:
Dorian, Ion, Ilya & Zane, JulesBrandon
These Characters belong to me, but are a part of another timeline in my stories. They have an important side part in this timeline and thus are mentioned. These side parts connect all my stories to one another. Want to know more abou these characters. Please visit their timeline.

This timeline is what is is, just a timeline,  there is do depths to the events mentioned in it.
If you want to know more about an event go to the charactes profile page. The profile pages have that character's story explained with more depth and detail.

The Timeline

1680 - Vincent + Lucien are born
1688 - Vincent taken away by the scientists (dead according to his family) to a remote island where he is used for
1694 - Ivicha is born
1695 - Maddox is born
1697 - Evander is born
1699 - Delcroix Parents die
1700 - Siblings die, except for Lucien, Maddox and Evan
1701 - Tristan is born
1706 - Tristan is abducted by scientists
1708 - Vincent turns into a full genetic vampire and gains immortality
1709 - Vincent meets Shiloh who was also abducted for experiments
         - Lucien turned into a vampire, meets Ivicha
1710 - Vincent kills the scientists and escapes the island together with Shiloh & Tristan
1711 - Vincent and Shiloh save a girl named Claire from the witch trials in Ireland and take her in.
1718 - Lucien kills coven leader and becomes the new master of the city. Starts his search for his younger brothers
1720 - Evan gets recruited as werewolf and has to leave Maddox without him knowing. Maddox heartbroken.
1722 - Lucien and Maddox reunited while Maddox almost dies from the plague. Maddox got turned into a vampire
         - Ivicha and Maddox fall in love
1725 - Ivicha and Maddox get engaged
1728 - Lucien + Maddox find Evan on a scout mission for a werewolf pack.
1730 - Vincent and Lucien reunite with a bang. Also gets to meet his never before seen brothers Maddox and Evan.
         - Claire and Evan get a relationship and decide to wait with marriage
1741 - Lucien opens 'The Vault'
1745 - Lucien and Sebastian meet through Royce (good friend of Lucien and master vampire of different city)
1751 - Sebastian moves in with Lucien
1753 - Sebastian takes over "The Vault" as manager
1821 - Lucien meets the lovely Siren Victoria and they fall in love
1823 - Lucien and Victoria get married
1825 - Regina (L+V) is born
1829 - Olivia (L+V) is born
1858 - Victoria is brutally murdered by a bounty hunter (or at least Lucien thinks). Victoria get's ressurected /
           rescued by Dorian by blood bonding without him knowing. Because of this, she can't return to Lucien and has
            to stay with Dorian.
1859 - Regina parts with Lucien after some severe fights, Lucien is blinded by anger and grieve and decides to find
           his wife’s (presumed) killer
1860 - Lucien finds his wife's killer but almost dies in combat. Maddox takes the blow and dies. Resurrected by
         - Victoria hears Lucien got after her presumed killer and someone died in combat. Thinks it's Lucien and
           grieves. Get's through it because of Dorian and they grow very close.
1861 - Victoria and Dorian get a relationship
         - Maddox starts working for Zane
1862 - Lucien gets more and more depressed over the loss of his wife and shuts down everyone around him. His
           youngest daughter Olivia decides to move away for a while to give her father some time alone.
1863 - Lucien goes away from his city to get his mind at ease. Meets Zhao in the process. Ivy and Maddy watch the
           city in Lucien's absence.
        - Victoria and Dorian get married
1875 - Adrien is born
1901 - Lucien returns to his city
1921 - Maddox finds bloodslave Adrien in the home of a vampire. He kills the vampire and saves Adrien by making
           him his blood slave.
1925 - Lucien finds his bloodslave
1936 - Lucien get’s challenged for his title and wins. Brother of his challenger tries to take revenge (unfair) and
            almost kills Lucien. Vincent and Maddox kill that guy and save Lucien with the help of Dorian and a Djinn
           named Keiji. Keiji is bound to Lucien for the rest of his life.
1940 - Ezra gets in the picture and becomes Ivy’s blood slave
1942 - Ivicha goes to Europe to fight in WWII, meets Jackson who is from the same hometown
1943 - Jackson dies in combat, resurrected by Ivy
1945 - Ivicha and Jackson go home
1975 - Regina gets pregnant because of an accident with a demon. 9 months later, Josephine is born. Josephine - being
           a hybrid - ages very slowly, 1-10 ratio. Regina decides to take revenge on her rapist by killing him, causing
           severe problems with the underworld in that town
1976 - Regina decides it is no longer safe for her to stay where she is and flees with her child. The underworld of the
           town promises her they will find and kill her.
1987 - Lukas is born
1991 - Brandon is born
2000 - Sebastian starts his music career and gets on the road
2006 - Brandon's and Lukas' parents get divorced and don't wait anything to do with the children, leaving Lucas and         -  Brandon to fight for their own.
        -  Brandon and his friends form Rebel's Ruin.
2008 - Sebastian gets back in town and takes over the Vault again, finding it in bad shape. Hires Lukas as his
2008 - Lukas wants to commit suicide. Sebastian finds him just in time and Lukas explaines he doesn't want to die
           and it was one big mistake. Seb turns Lukas into a vampire. Brandon doesn't know this and finds his brother
           'dead' (in resurection).
         - Brandon gets depressed and starts abusing drugs and alcohol.
2009 - Evan, Terran and the members of Rebel's Ruin (ex Brandon) go to college and meet. Terran and Evan become
           best friends.
2010 - Brandon gets sent to prison for 8 months.
2011 - Brandon gets out of prison and gets put straight by Jules. Thanks to him he finds a job and gets clean.
2013 - Lucien meets Brandon and they fall in love
        -  Rebel's Ruin releases first CD
        -  Vincent and Terran meet.
2014 - Lucien takes Brandon with him to The Vault. Brandon and his brother reunite with a bang.
2015 - Ivy and Maddox get married
        - Vincent and Terran fall in love
        - Evan joins Rebel's Ruin as the new drummer and replacement of Kai
2016 - Regina and Josie are found by the demons that wanted revenge , she brings Josephine to Lucien to have him
            take care of her. Leaves Josephine on his doorstep with only a little note saying "Please take care of your
            granddaughter until it is safe for me to return. I will explain everything".
         - Olivia finds her sister just in time before she might get killed by a group of thugs she was in trouble with.                    - They spend some time together and decide to go home to Lucien
         - Lucien reunites with his daughters
2017 - Lucien needs Dorian's help with something and finds out his late wife is alive. He gets so confused about how
           to handle the situation, Brandon takes it as if Lucien doubts their relationship and leaves and goes to live with
            Jules. In the course of a few weeks Luciens keeps trying to get in touch with Brandon but he keeps shutting
            him out for a little while. They eventually get back together and Lucien asks Brandon to marry him.
2018 - Lucien and Brandon get married and on the honeymoon Brandon get's turned into a vampire.
2019 - Jules becomes Brandon's bloodslave
2020 - Zhao gets invited by Lucien to come to dinner while Brandon invited Lukas to come too. Zhao and Lukas meet
           and flirting happens across the table. Zhao decides to stay a couple weeks more and a relationship starts to
           bloom between him and Lukas. Zhao decides to stay.