Cade Castor 

Type/ mold: Soom Ender
Type eyes: Blue glass eyes
Wig: Jpopdolls Kana long wig in black
Face-up: By me

Personal info:

Species: Dark Muse or Shadow Muse (demon)
Name means: nothing really
Name Pronunciation: Kayd
Date of birth: 7 October
Horoscope: Libra
Age: 158 human years, looks about 25 years old
Family: - 
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Status: In a relationship with Zane
Job:  SWAT team member


Although Cade may look big, bad and menacing he actually is a real sweet guy. A straightforward honest guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. Always has a smile on his face and has a positive take on life. He is a relaxed person with a cheeky side. Cade enjoys being with his friends and have fun, joking around.
He has a very loving, charming character in general, and you will not find him getting angry or mad very fast. But he does have somewhat of a dark side which is mostly linked to his past and his true being. Don't get him mad, as he is very dangerous and able to kill you in the blink of an eye.