Brice Duvalier 

Type/ mold: Soom Dia
Type eyes: Bright blue glass eyes
Wig: Monique red wig in carrot red
Face-up: By me
Modifications: none

Personal info:

Species: Demon 
Name means: speckled
Name Pronunciation: Briys
Date of birth: 19 October
Horoscope: Libra
Age: 244
Sex: Male
Family:  Son names Finn
Sexual orientation: Hetero sexual
Status: In a relationship with Regina
Job: Zane's bodyguard


Brice is a real asshole. He is always grumpy, has a very explosive and aggressive personality. He goes his own way and will not let anybody stop him. He also is a loner, and a man of few words. There are only a hand full of people who have earned his respect and those are the only people he will tolerate in his presence. Though it is very hard to win his black withered stone cold heart, it is possible, if you can accept him loving you in his own fucked up way.