Brice Duvalier 

Type/ mold: Soom Dia
Type eyes: Bright blue glass eyes
Wig: redish brown fur wig
Face-up: By me
Modifications: - 

Personal info:

Species: Demon 
Name means: speckled
Name Pronunciation: Briys
Date of birth: 19 oktober
Horoscope: Libra
Age: 244
Sex: Male
Family:  - 
Sexual orientation: Hetero sexual
Status: In a relationship with Regina
Job: Zane's bodyguard


Brice is a real asshole. He is always grumpy, has a very explosive and aggressive personality. He goes his own way and will not let anybody stop him. He also is a loner, and a man of few words. There are only a hand full of people who have earned his respect and those are the only people he will tolerate in his presence. Though it is very hard to win his black withered stone cold heart, it is possible, if you can accept him loving you in his own fucked up way.

Background story:

Brice was born into a family where both parents were of the same rare demon species. A species called protectori whom were specially created to protect the members of the demonic high guard. So from the moment he was old enough to stand on his own two feet Brice was trained to become what he was born to be. His parents had dropped him off at the special school for protectori and he never saw them again.
In his childhood Brice never learned what love or loving someone is. The only thing he knew was the hard life of a protectori in training which consisted of either training or more training and the few hours he was given each night for sleep. For years this was all his life was about. Until the day came he was assigned to become the personal protectori of one of the members of the high guard who was named, Marius Denoiri
Proud he had made it to  this point he headed for his new life. The first few weeks were a little awkward as he tried to adjust to his new life, the new people around him and as he tried to figure out how to put all his training to good use. But after the first initial weeks he started to get the hang of his new life and he found he had earned the respect of his master Marius.  Life was good for Brice, even though he had to work long and hard hours. He loved doing it, feeling like he was able to really make a difference. 
For a good few years this is exactly what his life looked like, that is until he met a beautiful girl named Clarissa on his night off. Never before in his life had Brice experienced what he now felt for this girl that had so suddenly appeared in his life. The two of them got a long right from the start and only mere weeks later Clarissa had conquered his heart and they were madly in love. Clarissa was also the one who had introduced Brice to a fellow protectori named Armand. A guy much like himself in character, a man he found to be a good person and an even better friend. The next months were the best Brice had ever know. He had an amazing job, a best friend in Armand and a beautiful girl as Clarissa on his side. 
But one day his whole world came tumbling down when he was woken up by Marius his maid in the middle of the night.
The maid told him something horrible had happened to Marius. The High Guard Demon was murdered. Shocked to his core he ran to Marius his bedroom to find out exactly how this could have happened. He knew that before he himself went to sleep he had taken every precautionary measures he had needed to do to make sure his master could have a safe night’s sleep. What had gone wrong? How could this have happened? Brice was crushed. 
This whole ordeal would mean no good for Brice. A death of a master would mean Brice himself would meet a horrible faith is he was not able to revenge his masters death.
After he investigated his masters death he found that someone had a way into his master house and had killed him when Brice was not with him. But who could have done it? If there was a stranger in the home he would have know. But he had not seen any strangers roaming around. No new people in his masters staff. 
Over and over he searched the house for just one clue. One clue to tell him who had killed his master. One clue for him to revenge his masters death and reclaim his good name.
He had searched his master bedroom probably a hundred times and he was about to give up and face the consequences of his failure when he gave the room one last look over. It was only then he saw a little silver string glimmering just underneath the edge of his dead master’s bed. He bent to pick it up, thinking it was one of his master’s jewellery pieces but he was not prepared to find out whom this little bracelet actually belonged to. The bracelet held a little charm in the form of a letter C. A charm he knew a little all too well as it was the exact same one he had given to Clarissa just a few weeks before. What was this bracelet doing here? A dark suspicion started to rise within Brice as anger and hurt started to take hold of his heart.  Without hesitation he stormed for Clarissa's home, broke through the door in the middle of the night and headed straight for Clarissa's bedroom. As he kicked down the door he was hell bend on getting his revenge. But nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to find. The moment the double doors to the bedroom swung open he found two heads rise from the pillows in surprise. One was Clarissa's, the other..... his best friends Armand's. Brice could not believe his eyes. What was going on here?
A red hot rage fuelled within his body as understanding rose within him.
He had been framed by the two people he loved most. Armand and Clarissa never intended to be his friends or lover, they only wanted to be around him to find out who best to kill his master. They had cheated and betrayed him. Used him and they had to pay and they were going to pay. His heart shrivelled from a beautiful place of love into a dark and stone cold pit incapable to love ever again in just the minutes it took to murder both Clarissa and Armand.

After that day Brice was never the same. He did manage to revenge his master and thus had earned the right to live and get to be assigned to another master. And that is exactly what happened. His new master was named Giles Gravewood. He was a hot shot in the High guard and a very famous demon. Brice made a promise to himself to not even make the same mistake again. He was a protectori and that is all he was ever meant to be. That meant no personal life. Just work, protect and nothing more. His days consisted of work and sleep, and in his free time he always spend his time alone. Every day that passed Brice is heart turned colder and darker. 
Brice had thought his new master would be similar to Marius his old master. But Giles could not be more different. Giles was a vile mean and abusive man. One night Brice woke up to the feeling of something sitting on top of him. He found himself hands and feet bound to his own bed. His master sitting on top of him. That night his master abused him, beating him half to death, cut into his flesh with a knife and after he was done he left Brice telling him that if he ever thought about telling anybody about what happened or if he would ever act on revenge he would make sure Brice would suffer for an eternity to come. Shaken to his core Brice was left alone, bound to his bed for a week as he recovered from the abuse he had been given. After that he was forced to pick up work as usual. He had lost all respect for his master in the time he had been tied up, in fact he had lost all respect for people with authority. Though he wanted to slice his master open from top to bottom he refrained from doing so as it would mean he would get into more trouble than he was already in. He did what was expected of him, but he kept being weary of his master. For a long time things remained sort of okay. The bond between Brice and his master never recovered from what had happened, but no other weird things happened for a long time.
It was three years later that Brice woke up once again bound to his bed, his master on top knife in hand slowly slicing into his skin. This infuriated Brice and in blind rage me managed to get loose from his restrains and killed his master.

The next day Brice found himself in the court of the high guard. He was on trial for the death of his master Giles. Though he explained what had happened, he knew this was a crime he would not get back from. A protectori's had only one rule. Never hurt your master. And that is exactly what he had done, and he knew he was going to get the death sentence. The only punishment  that followed such a crime. But for some odd reason the high guard believed him when he told him he had done it because Giles had hurt him intentionally and for his own pleasure. Though they could just undo such a crime they all agreed in not giving Brice the death sentence but ban him from hell and to the world of the humans. Brice was unsure this new punishment wasn't worse that the death sentence. Now he was being banned to a world he knew little about. But he had no choice, the high guard had chosen and so it was going to be. An hour later Brice found himself all alone in the human world. He had no place to go, no money, nothing. For a couple of days he wandered the city he was dumped in until one night two men showed up in the alley he was sleeping in. He was overmastered by these two men and then bound, gagged and transported over to a fancy house on  the edges of town.
He was brought into a dark room in the cellar of the house. The two men who had brought him there made room for another man. 
The man introduced himself as Zane, and right there and then Brice knew he had fallen in the hands of the master demon of the city. A man he had been trying to keep away from for the few days he had been in the human world. He knew that demons in the human world worked with masters as well. Every town or city had his own master and every demon that wanted to live in that city needed to pledge his allegiance and live according to the rules the masters were given by the high guard. Brice had wanted to keep away from anything that had something to do with the high guard and that meant keeping away from Zane. But Zane and his men had found out Brice was in town and did not come to him to ask his permission to stay in town and pledge his allegiance.
And now Zane had caught him and was going to give him hell for it all. Just as Brice was preparing himself for his own demise he was shown sudden kindness.  As it turned out Zane had heard about Brice his past. The moment the high guard had released Brice into the city they had told Zane he was in town and why. Zane had been given orders to keep an eye on Brice and if he did not ably to the rules he was to take action and kill Brice.
But Zane was not about to give up on a fellow demon just so easily. Instead of taking the knife to his throat Zane offered him one last change.  He told Brice he did not care about his past, what he did and what he didn't do. Zane was prepared to forget about it all, help Brice get onto his feet, help him find a home and a job. The only thing Brice had to do was pledge his allegiance and Zane would help him out. Brice didn't trust the master demon, and the last thing he wanted was to have yet another master that would boss him around and do all sorts of other things he felt like doing. But something in Zane's demeanour made him change his mind about the man and at the end of their conversation Brice agreed to the terms.
He did however remain reserved about Zane, but in the coming days Brice found out Zane was good for his word. The master demon helped out Brice. He was offered a room in Zane's house until they would find a suiting job and house for him to live in. 
As it turned out it was not that easy to find a job that would fit the cold hearted grumpy and aggressive man Brice had become over the years. But Zane never gave up on him.
After a couple of months the High guard came knocking on Zane's door, telling him that if Brice did not start working right there and then they would consider Brice a lost cause and would take him and end his life. Once again Brice found his life was in the balance and he gave up.
Never in a million years would Brice have thought that Zane would go in against the High guard and stand up for Brice. The man pleaded the high guard for a little more time. He would be able to find a good place for Brice. Grudgingly the high guard agreed and gave Zane and Brice one more week to figure things out. The fact that Zane had stood up for him without Brice ever showing him any kindness himself. In fact he had been acting like an asshole the entire time he had been in Zane's house. But after that day Zane had earned Brice's respect and he started to try and clean up his act a little more. And it paid off. A few days later Zane offered Brice a spot in his own crew. Zane offered him a job as Zane's personal bodyguard. The master demon wanted to use the gift he was born with. The fact that Zane would trust his own life in the hands of Brice made Brice respect the man even more and he took the job. 

After that day Brice remained a permanent inhabitant of Zane's house and became a person Zane could rely on. Brice even considered Zane to be his friend. 
Brice his past had left its permanent scars on him, and it caused him to always remain that weary, black hearted, cold and aggressive asshole he had become, he found that the right person would still be able to find a way to that cold stone in his chest and earn his trust and friendship.

to be continued.....