Brandon Valentine 

Type/ mold:Dream of doll  Dream head 11 
Type eyes: dark green glass eyes
Wig: Long black Eva's utopia BJD world wig with zebra extensions Or pink and red extensions
Face-up: Default with alterations

Personal info:

Species: Human
Name means:Broom
Name Pronunciation: Bren-don
Nickname: "B"
Date of birth:20 september
Horoscope: Virgo
Family: Brother Lucas
Sexual orientation:Homosexual
Status: Engaged to Lucien
Job: Works in a music store Key notes, and is Bass player for Rebels Ruin


Brandon is your typical Bad Boy, a real rebel. His past has broken him, it has toughened him and it also left him with agressive tendensies and trust issues. He tends to be a cranky person and he gets a kick out of scaring people. Hee is not a very open with his emotions, keeping them hidden deep inside. He is not a person who will take crap from anyone, and will speak his mind without even a second thought
To his close friends and his lover (the few people he will trust with his life) he is a more mellow and caring person, though still with a little rebel edge. He enjoys being with his friends, having fun and getting into a buttload of trouble, especially when he teams up with Kaleb.
Deep down he is someone who hates like to be alone, but he will never say this to be true. 
Music is his one and true passion, the one place he can let go off all his feelings and just be himself.

Background story:

Brandon grew up in a broken family, he had a really though childhood. His parents fought constantly, his mother was a drunk and his father an abusive man.
Since the age of 9 Brandon has been playing the bass guitar. It's was his way to drown out his home life when he was not at school. His way to express his feelings. The one  thing that made him happy.
School was the only place he would truly feel safe and when he found 3 amazing friends there at the age of 12, life for Brandon became a little less dark. At the beginning of the new school year he found that there were 3 boys in his class that shared his interest in music. Their names were Jules, Jay and Kaleb. The four of them got along very well and became close friends. Their shared love for music making the bond stronger. Two years later kaleb introduced his younger brother Kaiko to the group who from day one fitted right in and became a permanent member of the group. The group was so close they decided to form a band which they named Rebels Ruin when Brandon was 15 years of age.
In that same year his parents divorced and he and his 2 year older brother Dennis were send off to fend for themselves. Both of their parents wanted nothing to do with the boys. And there were no other family members wanting to take them in because of what their parents had done to them. 
Dennis felt responsible for his younger brother and took it upon himself to look after his Brandon. Dennis dropped out of school and started working two jobs to make enough money to give Brandon a roof over his head and food in his belly. Even though Dennis struggled to get by he would not let Brandon get a job. Dennis wanted Brandon to finish school and go to college.
Two years after Brandon's parents got divorced, his life took a turn for the worse. He came home to find his brother had taken his own life. He found a note on the table saying that he was sorry to leave Brandon all alone, but that he could not take life anymore. This crushed Brandon completely. He felt that he was not worthy enough to have people in his life that would love him unconditionally. A big feeling of loneliness crept inside of him and it brought along a deep depression.
He did what he needed to do to survive and dropped out of school and found a lousy job at a restaurant. But as the weeks passed his depression only got worse and he started to look for ways to drown out his feelings. This brought onto a dangerous path, the path of drugs and alcohol. His life went downhill fast at this point and he would do everything to get his fix, to keep his feelings away. And  that ended up with Brandon falling into crime.
Though his friends were always there for him, even in his darkest moments, they were unable to change Brandon's direction. He refused all help, saying he didn't need it. He was dealing with things in his own way and he could not see he was destroying own life.
As the months passed Brandon found himself in winding circle leading him deeper into the world of crime, until he got caught and was sentenced to a 18 months in prison.
His friends had hoped that prison would be the thing that would change Brandon his way of life, but when Brandon was released he fell right back into his old habits, his old life.
Only a few months after his release Jules came to give him a visit, the man was clearly worries about Brandon and he called Brandon out for his behaviour. jules made him face what he had become. He had become his own mother. The one person he hated most in his life. The one person he had vowed not to become when he was just a little boy and now he was no better than her. If he was to continue on the path he was on he would end up in prison for life, just like his mother had.
By making Brandon see what he had become Jules was able to ignite the flame in Brandon to start making a change in his life.
From that moment on Brandon banned all the bad things in his life. He went to find help from professionals, getting clean and making steps to better his life.
Jules and the rest of his friends were overjoyed to slowly see the Brandon they knew come back to them. And they were always there to help Brandon with everything he needed. Jules even let his stay over in his dorm room when Brandon was in between homes for a few weeks.
A few months into his recovery one of his therapists found him a job that fit him to a tee. He found Brandon a job in a shop that sold musical instruments and supplies. It was a job made for him and he loved working at the shop from day one. Having the job only helped him get his life back on the road and after a long time he was happy again. He found his love for music again and now that his friends were slowly all finishing their college educations they all decided it was about time they took the band to a new level.
They had been able to book t he band a few local gigs and the five of them loved playing them, finally getting to do what they all loved. Playing music. It was during one of these shows Brandon met a tall dark stranger in the alley of the venue. The two of them started talking, something he would normally not do, but there was something about this man that was sort of interesting. Never would Brandon had thought that he would be seeing more of this handsome man named Lucien and that he would even find that one thing he had missed in his life for so long.
In the mean time, making it with the band turned out to be harder that any of them would have thought. They had been overjoyed when they had been able to save up enough money between the four of them to record an album which they were able to release when Brandon was 23 years old. They had hoped the release would help out with getting the band name out there. They did get a bit more gigs than before, but things did not really took off. 

Brandon kept on working at the shop, hoping one day he would be able to leave for a life on the road. So Brandon was overjoyed when the band got the big break they had dreamed of for so long when he was 24 years old. A record company had spotted them playing at a local club and offered them a contract. Within weeks the guys were recording their second album and just a handful of months later they were touring the country. Winning over one fan at the time. Becoming a well known and loved band.

To be continued.....

Still to come: 

2015 - Brandon and Lucien get engaged
???? - Brandon & Lucien get married
???? - Lucien turns Brandon
???? - Jules becomes Brandon's blood slave

Little fun facts:

-> His close friends call him "B".
-> Brandon will always wear scarves. This is to hide the three scars that he is really ashamed of. He got
them in jail after trying to steal cigarettes from an inmate. The inmate found out and carved at his
neck with a makeshift blade