Brandon Valentine 

Type/ mold: Dream of doll  Dream head 11 
Type eyes: dark green glass eyes
Wig: Long black Eva's utopia BJD world wig with blue and grey extensions Or pink and red extensions
Face-up: Default with alterations by me
Modifications: None

Personal info:

Species: Human
Name means: Broom
Name Pronunciation: Bren-don
Nickname: "B"
Date of birth:20 September
Horoscope: Virgo
Sex: Male
Family: Brother Lucas
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Status: Engaged to Lucien
Job: Works in a music store Key notes, and is Bass player for Rebels Ruin


Brandon is your typical Bad Boy, a real rebel. His past has broken him, it has toughened him and it also left him with aggressive tendencies and trust issues. He tends to be a cranky person and he gets a kick out of scaring people. He is not a very open with his emotions, keeping them hidden deep inside. He is not a person who will take crap from anyone, and will speak his mind without even a second thought
To his close friends and his lover (the few people he will trust with his life) he is a more mellow and caring person, though still with a little rebel edge. He enjoys being with his friends, having fun and getting into a buttload of trouble, especially when he teams up with Kaleb.
Deep down he is someone who hates like to be alone, but he will never say this to be true. 
Music is his one and true passion, the one place he can let go off all his feelings and just be himself.

Little fun facts:
-> His close friends call him "B".
-> Brandon will always wear scarves. This is to hide the three scars that he is really ashamed of. He got
them in jail after trying to steal cigarettes from an inmate. The inmate found out and carved at his
neck with a makeshift blade