Belial Timeline

Main Characters to this timeline:
Zane, CadeKamdhin, Ion, Isaija, Ilya, Tray, Cameron, Brice, Alex, Paisley & Gabriel,

These original characters all belong to me. All characters that have been made into doll form have a link to their personal page. The characters that have not (yet) been made into a doll have no links. Some of these chara's may never be a doll, and some will be shelled in the future. But only time will tell who will come and who will not.

Other Main Characters in this timeline are:
Vincent, Charlotte & Dakota
These Characters do not belong to me, but belong to Amarie_bjd

Side characters to this timeline:
Cat, Maddox

These Characters belong to me, but are a part of another timeline in my stories. They have an important side part in this timeline and thus are mentioned. These side parts connect all my stories to one another. Want to know more abou these characters. Please visit their timeline.

This timeline is what is is, just a timeline,  there is do depths to the events mentioned in it.
If you want to know more about an event go to the charactes profile page. The profile pages have that character's story explained with more depth and detail.

The Timeline

1698 - Zane is born
1719 - Zane is asigned to a demon to receive his traning
1720 - Zane complete's his training and goes to work for Master Demon ??
1724 - Zane challenges his master for his position and wins. 
1724 - Zane becomes Master Demon of his own city
1778 - Zane meets Cat and they fall in love
1781 - Kamdhin is created a Halo warrior and is set to work
1798 - Kamdhin get's killed by a fellow halo warrior on a mission gone wrong and is turned into
           a Vangel
1798 - Kamdhin becomes a homeless banned Vangel
1799 - Kamdhin is send on a mission by heaven to help out a Master Demon with an excution
1799 - Zane & Kamdhin meet
1799 - Kamdhin start living at Zane's place and they become close friends
1801 - Kamdhin becomes Zane's Second in command
1786 - Zane and Cat break up but remain friends
1792 - Brice is born
1858 - Cade is born
1860 - Zane helps safe Master vampire Lucien's brother Maddox his life
1860 - Maddox and Zane becomes friends as Zane helps Maddox adjust to his new life
1861 - Maddox comes to work for Zane.
1879 - Cade is asigned to receive his training from master demon Zane
1880 - Zane finds out Cade has a crush on him and claims him as a sex slave
1881 - Zane & Cade become a couple
1884 - Cade & Cat meet
1884 - Cat makes a move at Cade and gets punished for it
1884 - Cat becomes Cade's companion in lonely days (friends with benefits)
1942 - Tray is Born
1960 - Tray becomes of age and turns into an Incubus like his father.
1962 - Zane and Tray meet and become friends
1965 - Tray get married
1971 - Isaija was born 
1973 - Ion is born
1976 - Ilya is born
1980 - Ilya gets kidnapped 
1980 - High guard forces Cade to work, be de demon he was meant to be.
1982 - Ion mother leaves the family after finding out his father is gay
1982 - Ion and his father get shunned from their family
1983 - Tray start a nightclub calld Electric
1985 - Cameron is born
1988 - Isaija and Ion start working at Electric
1989 - Ion comes out as gay & Isaija as a bisexual
1989 - Isaija becomes of age an turns into an incubus like his father
1989 - Gabriel is born
1990 - Cade stops working, eventhough it's a huge risk
1991 - Ion becomes of age and turns into an incubus like his father
1992 - Alex is created in heaven
1992 - Alex and Paisley meet
1993 - Isaija start working at Electric full time after graduating college
1994 - Ilya becomes of age and turns into an incubus like his father
1994 - Ilya get reunited with his family
1995 - Cade leaves Zane to save Zane from punishment from the high guard.
1995 - Ion starts working fulltime at Electic after finishing college
2003 - Cameron graduates college and goes to the police academy
2005 - Zane reaches out to Cade heartbroken
2005 - Cade and Zane reunite and become a couple again.
2005 - Cade takes up position next to Zane as Master demon
2006 - Ion takes over Electric from his father and becomes Electric's owner, Ilya stays with him.
2006 - Isaija leaves Electric behind to join his father at running a new club in a new town
2007 - Cameron graduates college and goes to the police academy
2007 - Gabriel joins his packs warrior team
2008 - Cameron start working as a police officer
2010 - Cameron get's selected to join the S.W.A.T. Team
2010 - Alex becomes a fallen one
2010 - Kamdhin takes Alex under his wing
2011 - Alex goes to college
2012 - Cameron and Kamdhin meet
2012 - Cameron and Kamdhin become a couple
2012 - Gabriel is send out to work for Zane as part of an accord
2013 - Gabriel permenately joins Zane's crew
2015 - Alex graduates from college and start working at the dance school
2017 - Cameron joins Kamdhin on a demonic execution as a one time team member
2018 - Cameron get's shot on a night out and dies
2018 - Cameron is brought back to life and is given the gift of immortality.