Aspen Reese

Type/ mold: Infiniti doll Joy
Type eyes: Life like green glass eyes
Wig: Brown blonde fur wig
Face-up: By me
Modifications: -  

Personal info:

Species: Werecat 
Name means:Aspen is a tree
Name Pronunciation:AS-pun
Nickname: Geek, squirt, kid, Short stuff, Kitten
Date of birth: 10 May 
Horoscope:  Taurus
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Family:  - 
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Status: In a relationship with Judah
Job: S.W.A.T. Intel Tactical Dispartcher & Electronic researcher


Under constuction

Background story:

Degree's: Graduate degree in aplied intelligence &
Bacelor in computer science, Engineering & Data processing