Aspen Reese

Type/ mold: Crobidoll Lance
Type eyes: Life like green glass eyes
Wig: Leekeworld baby brown wig, model Unkown
Face-up: By me
Modifications: none

Personal info:

Species: Werecat 
Name means: Aspen is a tree
Name Pronunciation: AS-pun
Nickname: Geek, squirt, kid, Short stuff, Kitten
Date of birth: 10 May 
Horoscope:  Taurus
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Family:  younger Brother Yuri
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Status: In a relationship with Judah
Job: S.W.A.T. Intel Tactical Dispatcher & Electronic researcher


Aspen is a really shy and insecure boy and has some problems with talking to people he doesn't know. He fumbles, stammers and stutters a lot and he feels really uncomfortable in those situations. But once you get to know him and he get's to know you he loosens up. Though it is still will always be very easy to play and tease him on that insecure and shy side and make him blush and stammer. Once he has loosened up he is a really sweet, caring and kind boy who will do everything to please his loved ones.
Aspen is a really smart guy he learns very quickly and has a very high IQ. He is also a total geek. He loves superheroes, comics, games and everything nerdy and geeky. Though you will never catch him wearing nerdy shirts, well except for maybe in bed when he sleeps. He has his own little fashion sense he sticks too.

Fun Facts:

Aspen is a smart cookie  and has a Graduate degree in applied intelligence &
Bachelor in computer science, Engineering & Data processing