Alex Reese 

Type/ mold:Luts Winter event head 2016
Type eyes: brown glass eyes brandless
Wig: Crobidoll crwl-87
Face-up: by me

Personal info:

Species: Werecat 
Name means: Defending men
Name Pronunciation: AH-ləks
Nickname - 
Date of birth: 1 October
Horoscope: Libra
Sex: Male 
Family: Older brother Aspen, twin brother Yonah & Younger brother Yuri
Sexual orientation: ??
Status: Single
Job: Student


Alex is a very withdrawn person and can be a little socially awkward at times. He does suffer from an Inferiority complex and performance anxiety, some would say he is the black sheep of the family. He prefers to spend his time alone and is the kind of person that will aways sit at the back or in the corner of the room, minding his own business. Though if you get to know him a little better and he comes out of his shell a little you will find he is a very sweet, loving, kind and most of all loyal person. Even though he has a hard time believeing is his own skills and abilities he is very passionate about dancing and it is something he excells in.

Background story:

Alex was born into a loving family as part of a set of twins. His Twin brother is named Yonah and he has an older brother Aspen and a younger brother Yuri. Though he was given all the support he could possibly ask for from his parents it was clear from a young age that Alex was a bit of a loner. He preferred to spend a lot of time on his own and was different from his other brothers. Aspen was an utterly smart kid en learned extraordinarily fast, Yonah was a real sociable person and everybody loved to the boy, Yonah also was smart, but not as smart as Aspen was. These two skills proved to be an amazing combo and he excelled in all everything he set his mind to. Yuri proved to be an extremely fast swimmer and won many trophies. Alex was the only person who had no special skill. Everybody always praised his brothers and he was always left on the sidelines. His parents did their best to show him that he didn't need to be like his brothers and that he was perfect the way he was, but the world around him did not see it that way. They started referring to him as the black sheep of the family and slowly but truly he started to believe that he was. That is when a big Inferiority complex developed inside of him and to make matters worse he also developed a performance anxiety. This caused him to become more withdrawn from people and mostly lived in his own world. He did have some friends, but not many. Most of them shared a similar story that bonded them.
For a very long time he struggled to find his worth and when he was about half way through high school he started to develop a depression. He was sent to different doctors to help him get better, but no treatment really seemed to help, until one of the psychiatrists suggested he found something he loved doing. And with the support of his family, he started looking for something he could lose his heart in. Something he could express his feelings with, and that is when he discovered dancing. He found that he did not need to use his words and fancy knowledge to express how he feels, he could just use his body and let it do the talking for him. This new found passion made him overcome his depression and made him learn that he was good at something. Heck, he was not good, he was amazing at it. Alex has never stopped dancing from that moment on. He even got a scholarship to college through his dancing and is now studying to become a teacher and simultaneously studying dance as well. His dream, to become a professional dancer.