Alex Klyne


Type/ mold: Monodee Rich
Type eyes:16 mm glass eyes in dark blue
Wig:Dark brown For my doll wig, model unknown
Face-up: Company face-up
Modifications: None

Personal info:

Species: Human
Name means: Defending men
Name Pronunciation: AH-lÉ™ks
Date of birth: 4 August
Horoscope:  Leo
Family:  younger brother Sam
Sexual orientation:Bisexual
Status: In a relationship with Nox
Job: Dance teacher


Alex is a relaxed and sporty type of guy, he also loves life and he enjoys it to it's fullest. He has a cheeky side and he loves to fool around and have fun. Alex does have his serious side, but most of the time he is just the relaxed friendly guy who enjoys life by having fun. His friends mean everything to him and he will do anything to make them happy. He won't get mad fast, but if you mess with his family or his friends you will have some serious problems.