Aiden Reynolds


Type/ mold: Monodee Rich
Type eyes:18 mm glass eyes in bright blue
Wig:Dark brown For my doll wig, model unknown
Face-up: by me
Modifications: None

Personal info:

Species: Eathborn Angel
Decendant of: Raguel, Angel of Justice and Harmony
Name means: Small Fire
Name Pronunciation: AY-dən
Date of birth: 4 August
Horoscope:  Libra
Family: Twin Sister Ally & little sister Abra
Sexual orientation:Bisexual
Job: Demon hunter


Aiden is a relaxed and sporty type of guy, he also loves life and he enjoys it to it's fullest. He has a cheeky side and he loves to fool around and have fun. Aiden do has his serious side, but most of the time he is just the relaxed friendly guy who enjoy life by having fun. His friends mean everything to him and he will do anything to make them happy. He won't get mad fast, but if you mess with his family or his friends you will have some serious problems.  

Background story:

Aiden has had a normal carefree childhood with a loving family around him. Growing up in a house near the forest with his father and mother, twin sister Ally and younger sister Abra. He went to school like any normal kid does. But the fact is that Aiden is not your average normal person. His life had been carefree until he turned 21. He started having itches on his back and lumps that came and went as they pleased. He had no idea what was wrong with him, and he was afraid to go to the doctor to have it checked out. Every time he tried to the lumps would somehow disappear. So he turned to his sister Ally. He told her about the strange lumps and itching, and when he showed them to her they did not disappear like they did with any other person. It was then that he found out Ally was having the same itches and lumps. They both started looking up what it could mean, what it could be. In libraries and on the internet. But this only made things more confusion for them as the only reference they both found as a connection to angels. They both decided that the information they had found was a load of nonsense and they discarded it. Both agreeing to not talk about it with anybody and to wait and see what would happen.
It was not long after that their father came to them to tell them something important. He said to them that he had something to tell that that would change their lives as it was.
He had taken Ally and Aiden to a place far away from the living world to tell them the following;
His father told Ally and Aiden they are Angels. Both of them were shocked by what their father had told them. The stories they had read on the internet and in the books turned out to be true.
Their father told them that both he himself and their mother were angels created/born in heaven.
Their mother a direct descendant of Arch Angel Raphael, their father a direct descendant of the Angel Raguel.
Their father told them how both himself and their mother had fallen in love with one another when they still lived in Heaven. And how they had been an inseparable couple and deeply for a good few years. He also told the twins that both soon found themselves wanting to make the next step, like a human couple would do. Get married and have children.
Their father told them of the clear rule in Heaven that if an angelic couple wanted to have children and wanted to get married they would have to go to earth to do so, giving up their right to live in Heaven, meaning they would have to spend the rest of eternity on earth.
Their father had smiled when he told them the wish of having children was bigger than their wish to stay in Heaven, and that they had made the decision to descended to earth.
Not long after Ally and Aiden were born. Their father had said to both of them, that they had never regretted coming to earth, as for the gift they had gotten in return, three healthy children was more that worth it.
When their father was done telling Ally and Aiden about their roots he had said that he would leave it at that for a few days. So that the twins could process the information and come to terms with what they really were.
These few days where agonizing days. Many questions had been spinning in Aiden's head. He barely got any sleep and every waking minute he had spent on processing what his father had told him. Writing down any question that popped in his head. Hours he had spend with his sister in their old little play shed in the woods. Talking with one another, writing down even more questions.
Five days after their father had told them the live changing information their mother had brought the two siblings together to talk about how being and Angel would star to change their lives for good.
She had started off by telling them that children of angel are born human until they reach the age of 21, and when they turn 21 they would turn to become full angels. Turning into a full angels meant that Aiden and Ally got their wings and immortality.
The words "Wings" and "immortality" had shaken Aiden to his core and he looked at his mother as if she had just told him about an impossible fairytale. His mother had assured him that all that she was telling was the truth, and that she had expected that the info would come as a shock. Aiden could not believe that not so very long ago he had been just an average human guy, and now he was an immortal winged creature that until then had only excised in tales and stories.
His mother continued as he told Aiden and his sisters Ally are what they call Earth born angels. Earthborn angels, like their parents, are not allowed into the Heaven. The only exception is if an Arch Angel decides otherwise.
It was then his mother had told them why their lived would start to change drastically.
She told him that Earth Angels have a purpose on earth, or in other words, a job they have to do. The job being simple, Protect humans from Demons.
His mother told him both him and his sister were going to be trained by their mother and father to become the best Demon Fighters they could be, so they could later become part of the ADF-agency. (angel defence force) Not long after the lessons began.
The first thing they had to learn was to control their wings. How to use them and how to hide them from human view. Aiden was told this would be the easy part of the training, but this had an unsuspected twist for him.
It happened at the very first lesson he got. The lesson where they were told how to unfurl their wings from within. As Aiden did his best to unfurl his wings he felt something from inside. A strange feeling. He could no place the feeling and thought it was normal to feel it when trying to unfurl your wings, so he discarded the feeling quickly not thinking twice about it. It was not until his sister had looked at him in a weird way, her eyes wide in shock that he found out what had happened. His once piercing blue eyes hand gone. The middle of his Irises had turned white. Leaving him with blue rimed white eyes. His mother had only smiled at him and had said it was nothing to worry about. It happened more often, that eye colors would change. It marked the change from human to Angel. She told him that as soon as he wouldr rretract his wings his blue eyes would return. As so they did. Now everytime Aiden pops out his wings his eyes will turn white and blue rimmed.
Over the following weeks Aiden and Ally were trained in a variety of skills.
Lessons in flying, fighting and demon hunting. The days were long and hard. The training was exhausting. Having to lift heavy sword, getting your butt kicked by your own father and spending long amounts of time in the air building stamina. The lessons left him with cuts and bruises all over his body and no more energy to do anything but walking up the stairs and falling on his bed unable to move a muscle. But as time passed training started becoming easier, as his body adjusted to the hard work and lessons, his mind catching up, learning everything he had to learn.
After a couple of months of hard work and training, Aiden was ready and fully trained.
His father took him to the ADF-Agency. An Agency run by Earthborn Angels. The agency is the control center of the earthborn angels. The agency is an organization that watches over the world for any demon activity that could possibly hurt humans. If the agency finds demon activity or suspects something is not right an Earthborn Angel will be send out to either check it there is indeed a demon at work or to eliminate the demon responsible at work.
After signing up with the ADF-Agency Aiden and Ally had worked alongside of one another for a little bit. In this time Ally had met a boy named Adam, who was also an earthborn Angel. They had fallen deeply in love and he had become good friends with Adam. 

(to be continued)