Adrien Kadson (wtb)

Type/ mold: Ramcube Whiru
Type eyes: ??
Wig:  ??
Face-up: By me

Personal info:

Species: Blood Slave
Name means: Black or Dark
Name Pronunciation: aa d r EE eh n
Nickname: -
Date of birth:  -
Horoscope: -
Age:Forever 27
Sex: Male 
Family:  - 
Sexual orientation: Bi sexual
Status:  - 
Job:  Bartender @ The vault lounge


Adrien is an outgoing, kind, empathetic, playfull, and cheerful person. He loves life and makes the best of it, the motto you only lives once is one he hold dear. He can be very snarky and sarcastic if he wants to be, and flirting is something he does not shy away from. But due to his past he does not let people get to close to him, as he does have trusst issues. He is very uncomfortable around women en intimacy.

Background story:

Adrien was born out of the mating of two highly priced blood slaves.
(A blood slave is a human of pure blood who is bound to a vampire. The sole purpose of a blood slave is to feed its master with his own blood.)Their masters had them mate to make money off of it. Right after his birth he was taken away from his mother and put in the care of a blood slave breeder.
Adrien never saw not knew who his parents were. 
He was raised by the breeder and his staff in a home for kids just like him. He shared the home together with dozens of other blood slaves children.
Adrien was home schooled by the breeders staff. Besides having the classes a normal child would have, he was also thought all he needed to know on how to be a blood slave.
He was thought how to keep his blood pure and full of nutrience for his master. He was thought about vampire etiquettes, and he was trained and thought to keep his body fighting fit, and he was thought many different kinds of fighing styles, so he could keep his master safe in the case of danger. But most of all he was thought to always be self sacrificial if is masters life would be in danger. Safety of the master comes before all.
He learned from a young age on the there was no greater honour for a blood slave than to serve his master.

When Adrien became of age he was sold to a very wealthy vampire misstress. She had paid a huge price for her blood slave, as the just did not come cheap.
Adrien was thought that a blood slave was a treasure for its master. They were kept safely away from harm, away from prying eyes. They were to be pampered and cherished by their masters, but Adrien had no such luck.
His mistress was a foul, evil women, that only wanted to abuse her slave to all ends of the world.
When Adrien arrived at his new home he was thrown in a dungeon like room. There was no light, no bed, absolutely nothing but cold hard rock. He spends what felt like days inside that room without any food or water. He had prayed for someone to come and rescue him. 
After just two days in the room he was pulled out of it by the mistress her men. He was shackled by his hands and feet and was brought to a new room. This one was plush and very elegantly designed. 
He was ordered to go and sit in the tub already waiting for him. He did as he was told as he did not want to go back to the dungeon room. He was scrubbed of all dirt by a couple of maids and after was handed clothes to put on. Only briefly were his shackles removed so he could dress.
He was left alone after his, his hands and feet still bearing the cold hard steel that bound them together. It did not take long for the mistress her men to come back. They removed the shackles, only to replace them by a set of feet shackles that were attached to a chain that was bolted into the wall. He was told to get used to his surroundings as this was all he was ever going to see, for the rest of his life.
It was official, he was imprisoned. The chain he was stuck to gave him just enough slack to walk around the bedroom he was in. His own personal bedroom prison. This was not how he was told life would be.
After a few hours alone in the room the mistress and her men appeared in his doorway. The men wrestled him to the bed who then attached a new set of shackles to his hands and feet. He only now noticed these were attached by a chain to the four posts of the bed. Unable to move he now lay with spread arms and legs. 
The mistress handed one of the men a little black box. And as the man approached Adrien, he pulled out a slim silver chain from the box. The blood chain, Adrien knew. The chain that would forever bind him to the mistress.  He tried his hardest to fight the chains, to fight the man with the blood chain in his hands. He did not want to be bound to some evil witch that  treated him like an animal. But with the chain around his hands and feet and the strength of the mistress her men holding him down he could not avoid the chain slipping over his head and around his neck.
He was bound, and there was no way back.
Now the blood chain was around his neck he was released from the bed and was left alone.
For over a week he was left completely alone in his room. The only people he saw were the maids that came to bring him food. Neither one of the maids ever said a word to him. They kept their eyes down and just pushed his plate around the corner of his door. He had pleaded the women to help him escape, but it was to no use.
After having spend the week in solitude he was surprised to see the mistress her men pile through the door again.
They wasted no time and once again wrestled Adrien onto the bed and chained him there, after which they quickly left the room.
Only mere minutes later the door swung open again and the mistress entered his room.
Scared to his very core he watched her as she approached him, climb the bed and climbed him.
What followed next was something straight from his nightmares.
His mistress abused him, raped him, beat him and cut him as she bit into him time after time to drink off his blood. After she had done with him she left him without a second glance. The men came back right after to release him from his bonds and only minutes later he was all alone again, crying on his bed.
Was this really going to be his life?
And much to his own horror it was. Day after day the misstress took him, abused him the same way. Demanding him to become hard so she could fuck him. And if he did not get hard for her he would be injected with some nasty substance that made him agonizingly hard for hours on end. Years pass by and his torture never ended. Every day the same routine.
He wanted nothing more than to escape his prison, but he knew that if he managed to escape, his blood chain would lead his mistress right to him again. Damn blood chain, was the only thing that stood between him and his freedom. He had thought about  pulling it off. Death would surely be better than this. But he never did. No, he wanted to escape and make the woman suffer for what she had done to him. And his revenge became the one thing that kept him sane though all the years. Karma surely would come knocking someday.

And it did.

After years -> decades of torture day in day out, his resque, his karma came in the form of a man named Maddox. A vampire who, together with some demonic help, was tasked by demon master Zane to execute his mistress due to the fact that she had hurt many innocent beings. Both human and supernatural in the area that lay under Zane's jurisdiction.

Adrien had heard the screams of the guards throughout the house as Maddox and his men murdered all they met.
He even felt his mistress het demise through the blood chain around his neck. 
The moment he realized he was free of her was also the moment he knew his death was coming too if there was no-one to give him a new blood chain. If there were to be no new master.
Afraid he would die he started banging his door and screaming for help. 
His pleas were answered only minutes later when Maddox and two of his men broke through the door, ready to kill whatever was inside.
But they all quickly help back when they met Adrien's eyes.
It did not take Maddox all too long to see Adrien for what  he was and it was clearly to see in Maddox his eyes as hunger washed over the man. Something  that often happened to vamps that came across an unbound blood slave, which he now was.

Fortunately Maddox could quickly regain his posture and asked Adrien what he was chained. It was clear in the man's eyes he did not understand the conditions Sebastian was in.
Adrien in his turn could only tell the truth about his predicament. Maddox did not hesitate much after hearing the story and ordered one of his men to free Adrien of his prison chains and bring him somewhere safe.
But as Adrien was ushered out of the room he knew he had little time left.
He jerked free of the men's grip and pleaded to Maddox to save his life. From what Adrien had seen of Maddox so far, he seemed like a nice, caring and fair person. And for some reason he knew that Maddox would be the perfect master.

Maddox hesitated at Adrien's pleas, not knowing much about blood slaves and blood chains.
But Adrien was relentless and begged the man. Saying he would help with the small ritual that went with making a blood chain.

Maddox caved and agreed to take Adrien as his blood slave. Together the preformed the ritual and only half an hour later Adrien found himself bound to a new master and on his way to a new life, free from his tyrant old mistress forever.
Adrien would be forever thankful and in dept with his saviour and master.

Maddox took Adrien home, where he was introduced to vampire master Lucien who was also Maddox his older brother. He also met Ivicha who, much to Adrien's surprise, was Maddox’s his life partner. Adrien had once heard when he was still young that there were men that loved other men. But never had he seen it, untill now.

The first few weeks were really uncomfortable and awkward for both Maddox and Adrien as they adjusted to their new lives that now were forever bound. He found Maddox to be a very loving, caring and somewhat clumsy person and even though Adrien had some problems  with getting used to the kindness he was given, found himself forming a friendship with his master.
His life was starting to look like the life his breeder had always talked about.
A few weeks after his rescue Adrien got scared right out of his skin when Maddox came home pissed. From the first moment he had seen Maddox he knew the man was a vampire. But never once had he thought the man was hiding an even darker secret. Maddox was a hybrid. Half vampire, half demon.
At first Adrien was terrified when the man's eyes  had turned completely pitch black. But soon he found that he had nothing to fear from Maddox his demon side. He was afraid his side of Maddox would become his demise. But it became clear very quickly that the man was not half vampire, half demon. He was one whole, both vampire and demon side were merged together to make one whole. And right then and there Adrien knew he had nothing to fear. He was still the same person he had always been, and would always be.

Because Adrien had never know a "normal" life as a blood slave and had never known what love and friendship was about he was very weary and withdrawn when he first came to live with Maddox and his family. He did not know if he could trust the new people around him. He did not know if Maddox would treat him the same way he old mistress had done.
Thought quickly became clear to him that neither Maddox nor his family had any intention to hurt him. They welcomed him with open arms and treated him like an equal. 
Though he still had and will always have huge trust issues, especially towards women he slowly came to understand what it was to be accepted, to be treated life an equal, a real human being, a friend and most of all what it was to be loved.
A close friendship bond grew between him and his new master and he even found friendship with Ivicha and Maddox's friends and family.
Slowly but truly his wounds started to heal, and step by step could he leave his old life behind and look forward to the new one.
And as the days passed Adrien changed from the weary, quiet, and withdrawn person to the bubby, loving and outgoing person he is today.

Blood slave facts:

-> A blood slave is a human of pure blood who is bound to a vampire. The soul purpose of a blood slave is to feed it's master with his own blood.
-> Blood slaves are a rare breed, and therefore are very expensive. Only the very wealthy vampires can afford a personal blood slave.
-> Blood slaves can replenish the blood they have lost during feeding in just mere hours, and ths they can be fed on more often than a normal human.
-> A blood slave needs to be bound to his master by a blood chain. A little chain around the neck.
The chain let's the blood slave live as long as his master will live and will give him the ability to feel his master's hunger, and it will alarm when its master is in distress.
-> A blood chain is not meant to be broken. If you break a blood chain, the blood slave will die. Unless he/she is given a new blood chain withing 24 hours.
-> Blood slaves are mostly kept in secret and away from any prying eyes and harm. A blood slave is considered a treasure one must cherish and pamper.
-> A vampire master can challenge another master for his blood slave. It's a "till death" challenge and the winner gets to keep the blood slave.