The Girl Behind the dolls

My name is Kyanara or Kyanara_bjd.I am a 31 year old girl and live in a small village called Ammerzoden in the south of the Nertherlands together with my Male, my Cat Garfield and My Bunny lady Maggot.
And Yes, I am the girl that still plays with dolls. And no, I am not ashamed of it.
In May of 2008 I ordered my first doll and that was when it all went wrong, or right if you ask me.
9 years have passed since and dolls have come and gone, but one thing I can say for sure. I am addicted to these amazing pieces of art.
I currently own over 20 dolls. Want to know which dolls I own, please take a look under the My dolls Tab, you can find them all there.

Why did I join this hobby, and why did I stay?
The first thing that attracked me to these dolls was the fact that I thought that they were just so beatiful, and in the very beginning I just wanted to own one of those dolls. But as time passed I learned that this hobby was so much more that just a pretty doll. I learned that it is a super ceative hobby with many facest or creativity.
Very quickly after I bought my first doll I started with photgraphy of the dolls. Sewing soon followed and not long after I started writing stories about them and also started doing my own face-ups. Later on I would also start making my own wigs aswell. All these things combined is what make this hobby so much fun. I love being creative and with this one hobby I was able to evelope all creative things I likes into one.
Trough this hobby I have also been able to meet a lot of awesome people. Some of those people even blessed me with amazing friendships. This all together is what makes it all priceless to me.